Oil/gas industry miseducates Licking County on fracking

Oil/gas industry miseducates Licking County on fracking by Allen Schwartz, February 12, 2012, The Newark Advocate
During the past 10 years, the oil and gas industry has spent $747 million persuading lawmakers to resist regulation of shale gas drilling. Recently, the industry is spending more to conduct “educational forums” persuading us that high-pressure horizontal fracturing — “fracking” — is safe and an economic bonanza. Their presentations feature industry and government speakers, but no environmental expertise or any other voice of caution. These forums offer miseducation. These “forums” feature well-worn misrepresentations by oil and gas industry, some of them whoppers…. We’re told that the carcinogenic chemicals used “can be found in your household.” Unless you’re drinking your WD-40, it’s not the same thing…. When residents raise documented incidents of air and water contamination in other states, the corporate/government alliance replies, “Don’t worry, Ohio has the strongest regulations out there.”

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