Nova Scotia: Dr. Wheeler’s Frac Patent Frac Panel’s Questionable Public Consultations

2014 07 28 Chronicle Herald Editorial Cartoon Public consultation on fracingChronicle Herald editorial cartoon, July 28, 2014

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Dr. Wheeler’s frac panel was selected in 2014. Dr. Maurice Dusseault filed his frac patent in 2011; it was issued to him in May 2013, long before he was selected to be on Dr. Wheeler’s frac panel.

2013 05 Dusseault fac patent issued

Description of Dr. Dusseault’s Patent on Canadian Intellectual Property Office website:

As well, concerns have been expressed regarding the potential environmental impact from the use of synthetic additives in hydraulic fracturing solutions.

In one aspect, the fracturing fluids employed in this process comprise of water, saline or water/particulate slurries that are essentially free of additives.

[0020] The terms “induced fracture” or “generated fracture” as used herein mean: a fracture or fractures created in the rock formation by man-made hydraulic fracturing techniques involving or aided by the use of a hydraulic fluid, which in the present process is intended tobe clear water along with additives such as friction reducers to aid the hydraulic fracturing process.

[0021] The term “slurry” as used herein means: a mixture a granular material sand/proppantalong with clear water, which may or may not have additional additives for friction control and fracture development control. [Emphasis added]

Why are Nova Scotians not demanding that frac patent holder Dr. Maurice Dusseault be removed from the frac panel, his paper where he pushes the Alberta Regulator as model be struck, and a formal apology issued to the public?

Un bizarre et dangereux monsieur: Dr. Maurice Dusseault, Public Advisor on Fracing, filed Fracing Patent

MUST READ: Dr. Maurice Dusseault, Public Advisor on Council Canadian Academies Frac Panel, Nova Scotia Frac Panel, New Brunswick Energy Institute (that promotes fracing) Filed Frac Patent in 2011, frac patent issued in May 2013 ]

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