New York State to allow fracking

New York State to allow fracking by Jeff Glor, August 19, 2012, CBSNews
CBS News has learned that New York is about to okay fracking, and will issue guidelines after Labor Day. … In Albany, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation — responsible for writing the regulations – says if high-volume hydraulic fracturing moves forward in New York, it will do so with the strictest standards in the nation. … Sandra Steingraber, an environmental scientist, said that anyone — even the Energy Secretary, the president and the EPA — who says fracking can be done safely is wrong. “When you shatter the bedrock, it’s not only full of methane, it’s full of benzene, it’s full of tylulene, its full of a lot of poisonous hydrocarbons. You blow that up and you put cocktail straws down into the ground to try to get the methane up, you create portals of contamination for other chemicals to come up into our ground water, aquifers and into air,” Steingraber said.

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