New voluntary CAPP guidelines to monitor, respond to earthquakes caused by fracking

New CAPP guidelines to monitor, respond to earthquakes caused by fracking by The Canadian Press, November 28, 2012, Calgary Herald
The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has issued a new set of guidelines for dealing with earthquakes caused by fracking, a controversial technique for extracting natural gas from shale. … The industry group’s voluntary operating practices are being posted nearly three months after a study by the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission found fracking caused a spate of minor earthquakes in northeastern B.C. between 2009 and 2011. The guidelines encourage CAPP members to assess the potential for quakes by making use of existing data and communicating with nearby operators. If it turns out they are active in a quake-prone zone, CAPP says its members should place their wells according to the conditions and have monitoring procedures in place. Onsite personnel should also be prepared for quakes and be allowed to suspend operations if they suspect or experience unusual conditions. In addition, CAPP says companies should have a plan in place to respond to fracking-induced earthquakes if they do happen. [Emphasis added]

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Source:  Slide from Ernst presentation From Cape Town to the Yukon in Whitehorse, September 22, 2012

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The 2006 People’s Unconventional Gas Tour, for the People, by the People This spring [2006], the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers created a [voluntary] “best management practices”…. In part, it encourages companies to involve the public in all stages of development and provides guidance on how to minimize environmental effects. ]

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