New Brunswick premier says reports will help decide future of shale gas industry

New Brunswick premier says reports will help decide future of shale gas industry by Kevin Bissett, 16 Oct 2012, Canadian Press
Cleary spoke publicly Tuesday about her report, saying the 30 recommendations she makes are the result of looking at the industry “through a health lens.” She said decisions should not be clouded by the potential prosperity that could come from the industry. “With industry there can be economic benefits which can have a positive impact on people’s health, however we cannot assume that more money necessarily equates to a healthier population,” she said. “The money has to be spent and invested strategically.” Cleary’s report warns of potential health risks that include deteriorating air and water quality, increased truck traffic accidents and a “Boomtown Effect.” She said an increase in population and prosperity in some areas could result in increases in crime, drug and alcohol abuse and sexually transmitted infections.

Paul Barnes, the Atlantic manager for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, said he welcomes the reports but has concerns with the phased-in approach being recommended by LaPierre. Barnes said too much restriction could have a devastating affect. “Once industry invests to explore for oil and gas and they find something they wish to proceed to the next step of producing it,” he said. “So if there are delays in that process then that potentially has an affect on investment decisions.” Barnes said he supports the use of science-based research because his industry wants clear and predictable regulations. He said the industry will provide full disclosure of chemicals used in the fracking process. [Emphasis added]

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