New Brunswick campaign rally derailed by shale gas protestors

Campaign rally derailed by shale gas protestors by CBC News, April 1, 2013
About 50 people blocked the entrance to a Tory campaign rally in Bouctouche Monday afternoon, demanding that the premier address their concerns about shale gas exploration. The campaign rally was for Jimmy Bourque, the Progressive Conservative candidate in the Kent byelection. Instead of cheering for Bourque, protestors yelled “we don’t want shale gas”, said the CBC’s Jennifer Choi. The group blocked Premier David Alward as he arrived at the event. They then peacefully followed him into the building. Wearing large signs, they asked the premier to ban shale gas exploration. They voiced concerns about the long term impact on their water quality, said Choi. Alward replied by telling the protesters that New Brunswick is about to enact some of the most strict fracking environmental laws in the world. [Emphasis added]

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Photo by Will Koop, Slides from Ernst presentations in various communities

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