MLA Dr. David Swann Speaks Out About Dangers Of Proposed Drilling Project in City of Lethbridge

MLA David Swann Speaks Out About Dangers Of Proposed Drilling Project by Tristan Tuckett, January 27, 2014, Country 95 News
MLA David Swann is in town for a discussion on the dangers of drilling for oil and gas in an urban setting. The former Liberal leader says one concern is that there’s lots of evidence that hydrogen sulfide, a gas found in oil and natural gas, is very toxic to human beings, causing serious health effects on the brain, kidney and liver with exposure to low doses over extended periods of time. Swann feels another problem is with the process, saying that the energy regulator is completely funded by industry. He says “here’s a body that is charged with responsible development of our energy resources in the public interest, entirely funded by industry. It has an appearance of conflict of interest and one of the things, I think, many Albertans find incredible is that the industry is funding the body that is responsible for regulating itself.Swann says the whole issue is about money and business, and he feels this is a tipping point for many Albertans when they see this kind of heavy handed provincial decision making that ignores the public interest. [Emphasis added]

2013 01 27 Dr David Swann presenting in Lethbridge

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