Loving, incredible, powerful, beautiful obit for David Schindler, filled with love, science, wonder and water, by Andrew Nikiforuk in The Tyee, of course.

Condolences to Dr. Schindler’s loved ones.

Comment in from USA:


David Schindler, the Scientific Giant Who Defended Fresh Water, Among the world’s greatest ecologists, his boreal research has touched all of our lives by Andrew Nikiforuk, March 9, 2021, TheTyee.ca Too magnificent an article with stunning visuals, to copy here. Read at The Tyee.

From the article:

“By means of water we give life to everything.”

The Koran

Dave Schindler:

“Continued human population growth can only be done at the expense of other species, and the global biogeochemical cycles on which higher forms of life depend. Signs are all around us, in rapidly decreasing biodiversity which is decreasing more rapidly in freshwaters than in any other type of ecosystem.”

“Paranoid ideologues have burned books and records throughout human history to try and squelch dissenting visions that they view as heretical, and to anyone who worships the great God Economy monotheistically, environmental science is heresy.”

A few of the comments to the article:

Doreen Docherty

So many beautiful, powerful and unforgettable moments captured in this piece. It must be so difficult to capture a life in words and a life so well lived and loved even more so. You did a great job Andrew, and you did so with a broken heart I know. As much as you write of your appreciation and love for Dave, the feeling I believe was mutual. You have done so much over the years to bring his work and his words to the people. Let’s hope they are still listening.

Hugh McNab

What an extensive accurate portrayl. They should have an prestigious award celebrating his ability to rattle the governments. Goes with a $100,000 prize? Why can’t Canada start its own Environmental Awards similiar to the Nobel Prize but with a different focus. Water! Or call it Schindlers Prize. He had social courage unlike most, and knew what effective science on display was all about. Make a Schindlers Rattle, designed as a Native Rattle. We need to celebrate what he stood for.


rattled governments in North America and Europe and driven important policy changes around the world. I’ll bet they, one and all, are relieved…..

However, I first heard of David Schindler when he announced that the Saskatchewan River system had lost 90% of it’s flow. And I wondered how no one seemed to be aware of this (or care, considering Annie-57’s posting of a poll showing Calgary’s denizens cared more about O&G than they did water).

And just now I read that the Alberta “government” wants to let loose the tailing ponds into the Athabasca River??!! Always something new (to me and frightening) at our callous treatment of – well – everything.

Dave Rolston

Thank you Andrew for a touching obit about David Schindler. I never knew David personally, just professionally. Hard not to in my field. I never knew how much I respected David until your article, Andrew. Thank you for sharing.


Got chills at that last part. Thanks, David.

def Sunny Sands

““We will miss him,” said John Malcom of the Original Fort McMurray First Nation. “He was a world class spokesman for humanity. If words and tears could help, I would shed a thunderstorm for him.” – The quote seems to powerfully and poetically capture the effect Schindler had on others.

tom pedersen

Andrew: thank you. Mother Earth is in mourning today. For all of us in science, let us follow in his remarkable unmatched footsteps and never shy away from speaking truth to power.


Beautiful tribute to a great man. Thanks Andrew.

It’s difficult to wrap our minds around the vast evil being perpetrated against our planet by the power elite. If we were sane, environmental degradation would be unthinkable. But instead, insanity rules in the elite’s predatory capitalism, and “our” governments are facilitating their agenda. So instead of love and peace and compassion, we get hate and war and phuqu. Will we ever wake up in time to bring down the powerful and heal our planet?


Andrew, you truly are a class act. Thank you so much for sharing your immensely informative and moving tribute to such a rare and special man. My heartfelt condolences to you and Mr. Schindler’s family.

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