La CRÉ dénonce Gastem, calls lawsuit against the small community terrorism, case to be argued on November 18, 2013

Internet translation of La CRÉ dénonce Gastem by Antoine Rivard-Déziel, September 23, 2013, radiocnhc
The Regional Conference of the Gaspésie-Îles-calls further gag the proceedings initiated by Gastem to-Restigouche East. The oil and gas exploration company filed a motion in the Superior Court to demand $ 1.4 million in the small village of 167 inhabitants. The firm claims to have suffered damages as a result of the adoption of regulations to protect drinking water. The latter had the effect of preventing the proposed exploratory wells to materialize. In a statement, the president of the CRE, Bertrand Berger says that the method of Gastem is odious, up to say that the process could be described as terrorism. Demand Gastem will be presented to the Court on 18 November.

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