It’s hypocritical to sue tobacco firms but allow drilling

It’s hypocritical to sue tobacco firms but allow drilling by Mary Seibert, December 22, 2013, Lethbridge Herald
Children in the past, imprisoned in the vehicles of parents who smoked, had no choice but to inhale the toxic secondhand smoke of their either ill-informed or just plain belligerent parents. Innocent people in Lethbridge, if Goldenkey gets its OK, will have no choice but to be imprisoned in their own homes, subjected to the consequences of senseless drilling and fracking operations, and forced to inhale toxic fumes far worse than any secondhand smoke. Yet, both the government and oil companies refuse to see past their evil, greedy need to extract the last few drops to serve their own political, economical and personal desires. How hypocritical of Premier Redford to be suing the tobacco companies when she and her government are contributing to the atrocities of mass poisoning at a scale beyond even words! [Emphasis added]

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