Home, Sweet Home?

Home, Sweet Home? by P. Fugazzotto, February 2, 2011, Air Hugger
Can pollution from natural gas drilling or other heavy industry turn homes into “Unlivable Property”? Common sense would lead you to believe that something about this toxic soup of chemicals spewed into the ground would lead to chemical contamination of our water, our air and of the Strudleys’ home, right? Absolutely! And in this rare case, the doctors and insurance companies believe it too, offering the Strudleys the support they need. The doctors took one look at Beth’s son’s rash and insisted they leave the property immediately. Sounds simple and straightforward. The problem here is in many cases the family can’t afford to leave. … Ideally, this lawsuit will set some precedent for all the other homeowners that can’t afford to move out of their toxic communities.

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