Here’s Why Your Gas Stove Is Killing You (and the frac-harmed)

“Natural” gas in North America now comes via hydraulic fracturing which is extremely polluting, anything but “natural,” harms many, and divides families and communities.

Dr. Mary Wood:

Once a frac’ing company goes into a community, they never leave. Long after they have left, the contamination stays.

Here’s Why Your Gas Stove Is Killing You 6:02 Min. by Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Jun 2, 2021

The gas industry is paying Instagram influencers to promote gas stoves. Yes, you read that right! So @AllanaHarkin becomes an induction stove influencer to draw attention to the harmful effects of cooking with natural gas. Featuring Brady Seals of Carbon-Free Buildings Program and Heidi Harmon, Mayor of San Luis Obispo.

This piece was produced by Todd Bieber with Ishan Thakore and edited by Jesse Coane.

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