Group warns fracking waste from Nfld could be headed for N.S.

Group warns fracking waste from Nfld could be headed for N.S. by News 95.7, December 3, 2012,
An environmental group has a warning about an energy company’s preliminary plan to send Newfoundland fracking waste to Nova Scotia. The Sierra Club Atlantic’s Gretchen Fitzgerald tells News 95.7 Shoal Cove Energy made the announced at a community meeting last week. “Someone in the audience from the community asked what do you plan to do with the waste that comes up with fracking, and as we know it can be millions of litre per well, and the gentleman just said, ‘Well we’ll just ship it to Nova Scotia’ and it seemed to us pretty alarming that offhand assumption cold be made,” she says.” Fitzgerald says it needs to be taken serious because she says not enough evaluation is done before disposing of fracking waste. “It’s sort of an assumption that it will be OK if we just hold it in some holding area and then put it in trucks and then ship it off shore,” she explains. “I think it’s one of these cases where we don’t have good consultations and processes in place where people would be taking a really hard look at this before companies try to generate momentum.” She also points out that companies do not disclose the full list of chemicals used when fracking, so handling the waste is a guessing game. The assumption is that the waste would be processed at the treatment site in Debert. [Emphasis added]

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