Gas in water

Gas in water by Lana Michelin, May 2, 2007, Red Deer Advocate
When the “bubbling” in their tap water was identified as gas, a Ponoka-area couple said they quickly learned that the Alberta government wasn’t about to take their side against oil companies. “Yes, (the provincial government) has all the power to do something about it, but they don’t act on it. They’re afraid,” said Ronalie Campbell…. “Oil companies bring so much money in, they don’t want to step on their toes,” added her husband Shawn Campbell. The Campbells said they wanted to warn other Albertans about the dangers of groundwater contamination and the lack of accountability in this province. “I have lost total faith in our government, our regulators and our industry,” said Shawn…. The rancher with more than 30 oil or gas wells on his land said he’s always supported the right of industry to operate in Alberta. “We had what others dream of,” said Shawn — until their sputtering, bubbling tap water was tested by an independent laboratory in 2005 and found to contain gas. Among the hydrocarbons found in the “foul” smelling water were methane, ethane, propane, butane and pentane. … The Campbells then contacted the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board. “They didn’t respond to us,” said Ronalie, except to refer them to Alberta Environment. The Campbells turned their water test results over to the department and waited for the government to demand oil companies turn over samples of their gas production, to be matched to the gas in their well. But as far as the couple knows, this never happened.

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