Full Criminal Investigation of the EUB requested

Full Criminal Investigation of the EUB requested Press Release by Joe Anglin, Lavesta Group,  August 31, 2007
Lavesta Area Group Vice-Chairman Joe Anglin today is calling for a full criminal investigation of Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) and others, surrounding their activities during a controversial 500 kilovolt transmission line hearing.  Part IV of the Criminal Code titled: “Offences Against the Administration of Law and Justice” makes it a indictable offence under Section 122 when a public official in connection with the duties of their office, commits fraud or a breach of trust. Further sections make it a criminal offense in the establishment of perjury, corroboration of perjury and obstructing justice in a Judicial Proceeding in any manner. Specifically Section 423 of the code prohibits watching and besetting a justice system participant where that person is carrying on business.

Joe Anglin, the Vice-Chair of the Lavesta Area Group, says it’s shocking and out-right repugnant that EUB e-mails, obtained under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP), contradict earlier EUB statements and clearly demonstrates the Board Panel members and its counsel had full knowledge of undercover covert activities designed to gather information on landowners at the EUB hearing in Rimbey.

Furthermore, Mr. Frehlich COO of AltaLink said there was no AltaLink P.I. involvement under oath, but EUB security Chief Ambler notes in a May 9, 2007 e-mail “Both AESO and Alta Link will have a security presence at the hearings. Once names are obtained we will have them included on our lists for entry purposes.”  It is hard to comprehend how Frehlich could not know about “security” engaged by AltaLink and again that such personnel as were engaged were not uniformed. This is a matter of grave concern and the information communicated by Ambler’s e-mail of May 9, 2007 together with the body of disclosure, when presented could be sufficient to support of a perjury investigation.
If the Board Panel had knowledge that AltaLink had deployed a private investigator in Rimbey, which EUB security Chief Mr. Ambler suggests they did, and Board counsel was cc’d a copy of that e-mail, then certain officials could be in breach of public trust in a criminal context.  More significantly, depending upon what the Panel knew about AltaLink security presence, if the Panel knew Frehlich to be untruthful, which we put forward as an objective possibility as opposed to an accusation, the Panel may have intentionally or inadvertently concealed a possible perjury by a witness. [Emphasis added]

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