Fracking — Is it making drinking water unsafe for drinking?

Fracking — Is it making drinking water unsafe for drinking? by Mindy Allan, Aug 7, 2012, Digital Journal
Fracking is generating billions of dollars, polluting water systems, making people sick and some towns now have water that is undrinkable. The quality of life in the world is starting to deteriorate near and around fracking wells as some residents in Pennsylvania told RT News. Now many are questioning if there is a motive of politicians and companies like Koch Industry and the potential motive of millions in donations to political campaigns around the world. Whose state will be sold out so that the billions of clean water used by fracking that is now toxic wastewater can be recycled in to put back into your household water. City governments are being paid to dump this toxic water into your treatment plants. What’s in this waste water and is the treatment plant in your city on the list? The Koch brothers whose family developed a new cracking method for the refinement of heavy oil into gasoline and is part of the fracking process are spending millions on politics which by the looks of the fracking business, is paying off. Long time opponents of the Environmental Protection Agency the Koch brothers fighting tooth and nail to stop the government from regulating natural gas hydraulic fracking for natural gas. … The dictatorship of corporations seems to be growing as fast as the fracking, which is now being confirmed is causing earthquakes and leaks of methane gas into water systems. The Rachel Maddow Show aired a piece on fracking and how the Federal Government has allowed a free for all for frackers.

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