Dawson Creek faces joys, challenges of second boom

Dawson Creek faces joys, challenges of second boom by Troy Media, August 22, 2012
But the increased oil and gas activity has a darker side. … Many people – often single men – are in the area only temporarily and never become a part of the fabric of the community. Sure, they contribute to the local economy by paying for such things as hotels and restaurants. But they are not taxpayers. While they use the amenities, such as roads, sewers, water and electricity, police, fire, and health services, the costs for such services are borne solely by local taxpayers. And crime, drugs, and prostitution almost always accompany large groups of single men with lots of money. Dawson Creek is no different. “When we knew the industry was coming, we wanted to be prepared,” says Jane Harper, Executive Director for the South Peace Community Resources Society in Dawson Creek. “We talked to the province, to our MLA, to provincial associations, to the Children and Family divisions, but there was no new money for services. “The drug dealers and pimps had a business plan,” she laments. “We didn’t.”

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