Frac blast from the past, Rosebud, Alberta (2008 & 2009): “Why the hell did you let those reporters drink your water Jess? Now look at them!”

The photo below was included at the top of my 2008 10 31 frac news mailout. The quote in the headline was made in response by a citizen member of my list. Two years earlier, AER when it was EUB, demanded I give them my list (hundreds of people by that time), which I refused. I thought their lawyer was going to lose a few gaskets, he was so furious I didn’t obey him. Arrogant bullying sod.

Photo by Jessica Ernst, Oct 31, 2008

A few months after this photo, on a cold winters day in Feb 2009, I offered the metal chair to lead interrogator, Dennis DiFranceschi, of ex PM Steve Harper’s pathetic, cowardly, lying RCMP Anti-Terrorist (but really) Protect Oil & Gas Profits by trying to intimidate silent frac-harmed Canadians and in my case get me to drop my lawsuit against Encana, Alberta govt and AER (prev EUB, then ERCB). I offered blankets, hot tea with honey, and tissue (his nose started running from the cold, he tried to intimidate me for a long time) which he all declined.

I chose for myself the wooden chair, of course.

More details of AER/Encana/Harper’s anti-Canadian police invasion to my private property:

The Intimidation of Ernst: Members of Harper Government’s RCMP Anti-terrorist Squad Intimidate and Harass Ernst after her Legal Papers were Served on Encana, the EUB (now AER) and Alberta Environment

2009 Feb: I took the above photo standing on my deck, just in front of above metal chair. Dennis heard my camera snapping. He angrily told me they were “undercover” and I was not allowed to take photos.

I tartly replied, “You’re trespassing,” and kept snapping.

I made him call my lawyers, which he wanted to do with his cell phone, but I said, “No, you must use my phone so that I have a record of your call.”

They had no warrant.

Dennis also demanded that I hand over my frac news list membership (names and emails), and all the names, home locations and phone numbers of landowners I had helped over the years. I refused him, like I refused the AER’s lawyer.


This post is dedicated to the Wet’suwet’en working to protect their lands in NEBC from Coastal GasLink, the trespassing RCMP and Canada’s Colonial Courts enabling the harms.

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