for Magic: will I look upon your ragged estate / and see my own beloved? Magic est parti pour un monde meilleur

Magic’s gone.

he tried so hard, since i returned from Newfoundland, September 23, 2013. so hard. the last week especially. 

he died laying beside me, at noon, november 19, 2013, me holding onto his heart, as he always held onto mine, even when i never knew it.


so do not think you are alone by julie ali, November 21, 2013

so do not think you are alone
here is the river of darkness
and you stand there
with your small burdens of hell

the boat arrives
with the callers from the shore
that is so far away
you climb on board and then

the callers take you up
into their arms
you recognize their faces
and their words of loving kindness

the boat pulls away from the shore
and a thousand flickering candles bloom
on the land
where they all say their farewells to the small hero of the day

the song they sing is all about courage
and love
which what we are about
when we live

and when we die
the sounds are whispers now
the sea rises up
the callers take you away

the door closes
and you are away
but between that world and this
is the imagination

and so
remember him
as he was
in his fierce devotion

say his name to ward off the evil eye
that is everywhere in Alberta
for he was generous to the very end
and gave you the freedom

that would let you do your work
which is also the work of all of us
take up arms against the enemy that refuses
to respect the people of Alberta

do what you can to endure
for the future he never saw
will come one day to Alberta
and magic will come back then

as he was when he was here
wait patiently for he is not gone from us
in winter he rushes through the freshly blown snow
and in summer he will leap through the tall grasses before you

when spring comes
the robins will say his name
and the blue jay in the forest in the fall
will mutter magic magic magic so that you will see him plain

you must not think he is dead
or that you are also slain
we are two and then we take Stewart into our
magic circle and we are three

others will come
to be part of the magic circle
of protection
around Jessica Ernst

so do not think you are alone
we will stand with you
as magic did and guard you from harm
and so he still lives!

look upon his face
and see that he is steadfast still
as are your comrades
in Alberta

Magic est parti pour un monde meilleur by Amie du Richelieu, November 20, 2013

will I look upon your ragged estate / and see my own beloved? by Julie Ali, November 19, 2013

if you arrive
with the winter blues
and stand at the door
of no returns
and say your name to me
will I know who you are?

will I look upon your ragged estate
and see my own beloved?
when you come with the swift leap
into my arms
will you forever be here to stay?
will this reunion be permanent?

in the desert of snow and ice
everyone looks the same
and bitterness wears
an acid lane
in the memory
who will you be to me

when you arrive with the words of grace?
here is the wind blowing the leaves of our remaining hours
and here is the shrink wrap of the ice
applied to the body of life
here is the door shutting now
forever on all we loved and so

let us keep going
with our grief
that is like a weight in our arms
let us go to the funeral
of our dreams
let us sleep in our living beds of nightmares

let us hope for what is impossible
(or so it now seems)
let us walk hand in hand
like prayers being laid
in the cemetery in piles
of lilies and freesia

that say your name
to all who come
to the last rites
let us say that you were honorable
that you were proof of a devotion that was good
let us say then that all we love will endure in memory in some way

let us say a few words
for all we have lost
let us be faithful to
all that forever leaves us
let us give ourselves
to the transience that is all about us

2013 10 20 Jessica Ernst and Magic near Rosebud

 October 20, 2013: last photo taken of Magic, by journalist David Kattenburg

2013 10 30 Love

October 30, 2011: Jessica reassuring Magic after touring together to photograph Encana drilling under her already dangerously methane contaminated land.

2011 10 29 Magic ever vigilant Encana drilling under Jessica's already contaminated land

October 29, 2011: Magic, ever vigilant, watching Encana drill under the Ernst property at Rosebud


2010: Magic and Shawn Campbell at Rosebud.



September 2010: Walking summer out on the Ernst property

2001 Bandit & Magic at Rosebud

2001: Brothers Bandit (left, killed October 30, 2007) and Magic (right, died November 19, 2013) their first year at Rosebud

In their memory – and in their honor… I will never…give up.

Lisa Bracken, after hearing the news about Magic’s death, relating to the loss of her loved ones during her continuing frac fight against Encana contaminating Divide Creek with benzene and methane.


Magic on Ernst property, new Rosebud hamlet water reservoir (red) in background.  The original exploded in January 2005 after Encana fractured the community’s drinking water aquifers.

Bandit and Magic alerted Jessica to the dangerous methane contamination in her water. Had it not been for them backing away from their drinking water in revulsion, she might still be living in risk of explosion and there would be no lawsuit.


2013 09 02 Magic guarding jess taking photos of upgrades to Rosebud water reservoir

September 2, 2013: Upgrades to the Rosebud water reservoir. (To remove some of  the methane, ethane, kerosene range hydrocarbons and other toxics?) Magic ever vigilant.

HPIM1200.JPGThank you, Bandit and Magic, for your love, loyalty and protection.

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