Fascism never went away; it’s dangerous.

Timothy Snyder @TimothyDSnyder May 22, 2024:

The people who told you that fascism was not a threat were wrong.

The people who told you that Russia was not fascist were, if possible, more wrong.

Fascism is might over right, conspiracy over reality, fiction over fact, pain over law, blood over love, doom over hope.

Fascism advances every injustice. Its victory will leave us serfs of a vengeful nature, of relentless technology, and of unquestionable oligarchy.

Analytic clarity is needed for political clarity. If you do not know what you face, you do not know how to act.

Once named, fascism can be defeated. Indeed, once named it can be easily defeated.

Russian fascism must lose on the battlefield. Americans can bring this about by supporting courageous Ukrainians.

Americanand Canadian Stevie Harper/Preston Manning/Evil Evangelical Christian-led Pierre Picklehead’s Reforma-Confascism must lose at the ballot box. Americans can bring this about by organizing, canvassing, phone banking, donating, and voting.

Compared to challenges that others face around the world, our odds in 2024 and 2025 are excellent. Americans have chances, not excuses.

A defeat of fascism is not a negation. It is an affirmation: of a future that can be more beautiful, more just, and more free.

Akash Maniam@ManiamAkash:

Nailed it as usual, Prof. I can’t believe we have so many fascist-sympathisers in Europe.

martina Englington@englington:

In N. America too. How did this happen? It was insidious but happened more quickly than I thought possible.

Why? I believe because most humans are lazy, selfish and greedy and much prefer lies to the truth (facing and telling truth is hard work, which most humans are repelled by). Dirty politicians, corporations, lawyers, judges and rape religions know how to efficiently exploit these ugly aspects of human nature.

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