Farmers praise Victoria Australia for banning fracking

Farmers praise Vic for banning fracking by NewsNineMSM, August 24, 2012
Farmers and environmentalists are united behind Victoria’s temporary ban on new coal seam gas exploration but are still pushing for further protections. The state’s ban, announced on Friday, will cover all new licences and approvals to use fracking until completion of a national plan for CSG mining. Community groups across Australia have long voiced concerns over the extraction method – which fires high-pressure chemicals deep into the ground to release natural gas – by citing potential risks to drinking water, the environment and food production. The Victorian Farmers Federation says it supports the state’s ban and wants farmers to be given veto power over future mining activity on their property. Environmentalists have also welcomed the move but want further restrictions put in place to stop potential harm to land and wildlife. “We’re not convinced there is sufficient ground or surface water to service the demands of a coal seam gas industry,” said Cam Walker of the Friends of the Earth. Premier Ted Baillieu said the state’s moratorium will continue while scientific studies are undertaken. “There will be no approvals issued until there’s a national framework and I think that’s the entirely appropriate way of going,” Mr Baillieu told reporters. [Emphasis added]

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