Excellent letter by John Scull: “How can fracking be part of the “Clean BC” plan? How can police action against First Nations be consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People?”

NDP support of fracking/LNG industry a shame, Many people are turning their backs on yesterday’s destructive technology by John Scull, Duncan, Jan. 17, 2020, Cowichan Valley Citizen

The BC NDP government has mimicked the policies of their BC Liberal opponents in supporting the fracking/LNG industry with permits and tax reductions. As I write, RCMP are excluding journalists as they prepare to arrest members of the Wet’suwet’en nation in support of Coastal GasLink, a corporation trying to build a gas pipeline across their land. Premier John Horgan told reporters on Monday that the pipeline will be built despite protests.

The Wet’suwet’en are not just protecting their traditional territory, they are acting on behalf of future generations of all life. Fracking has been shown to pollute the surface and ground water, cause earthquakes, and emit large amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. The fracked gas is then to be shipped in the pipeline across First Nations land to energy-intensive LNG plants near the coast (more risk of methane leaks) where liquified gas is pumped into ships (with a risk of fire and explosion) and carried to overseas markets where it will be burned, producing yet more greenhouse gases.

How can fracking be part of the “Clean BC” plan? How can police action against First Nations be consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People? How can the NDP continue to support policies of the past at a time when the future is in danger? Horgan should perhaps remember Clayoquot Sound, the largest campaign of civil disobedience in Canadian history in opposition to the corporation-friendly anti-environmental policies of the NDP government of the day. Many people are turning their backs on yesterday’s destructive technology in the interest of our descendents. It is sad that our government won’t join us.

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From: Rosemary & John Baxter [Rosemary is part of a Comox Valley Site C group holding monthly vigils at Ronna-Rae’s office since Mr. Horgan made his fateful decision on Site C. The group writes letters ad nauseam which never get replies but are finding more and more passers-by are aware of the fall-out from this Project. In December its the 2 year anniversary of that sad day at the Legislature.]

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Subject: Our letter in the Record on the Site C dam in northern BC… this dam will be the final death knell of the Alberta wetlands which are critical –  

Dear Mr. Fraser. 

… Wondering how the recent permission given to set up an 800 man work camp for the CGL gas pipeline south of Houston fits with the NDP honouring UNDRIP!  Will send that along to you as well. Our letter which was published in todays Record follows. 

Rosemary Baxter, Courtenay

Questioning the wording in B.C.’s UNDRIP bill by Rosemary Baxter, Nov. 7, 2019, Comox Valley Record

Letter to the Editor

On October 24th the BC government tabled their Bill on adopting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  With the support of the Greens the Bill will surely pass.  Since BC is the only province that hasn’t negotiated any land treaties this is a step forward, with special thanks to Minister Scott Fraser for the precedent setting work his department has done.

I’m puzzled though by the meaning of the words in Article 19 where the different parties must negotiate in ‘good faith’ to ‘obtain free, prior and informed consent’ before actions are implemented that might affect the indigenous people involved.

Last year I attended a meeting at our local college to hear three guests talk about the BC government’s decision to proceed with the Liberal project to build the Site C dam.  Amnesty International presented, as did Indigenous leader Bob Chamberlin and Sarah Cox (award winning author of Breaching the Peace). 

I took home a copy of UNDRIP and am astounded at how many Articles in this Document have been violated by the ongoing construction of the Site C dam. Is there any chance that this bill could be made ‘retroactive’ in order to address these serious violations?  Probably not.

Sadly, in my elder years, I’ve become somewhat cynical.  I see the BC government, hydro, forestry, mining companies, and the LNG promoters publicly getting that ‘free, prior and informed consent’ and then carrying on as planned!  The Minister has said so himself…”NO veto over development…minimum standards”, obviously business as usual.  Very disheartening.

Rosemary Baxter

Courtenay BC

Living in the middle of a gas field in Canada by Vicky Simlik, April 18, 2019, Dawson Creek Mirror

I live in the agricultural community of Farmington BC.

I recently read a question posted online; where are the ‘fracking voices’ from NEBC?

I considered the question.

Trying to live in the middle of a gas field one may not have the luxury of time, energy and clear thought to post on social media about the experience here.

Witnessing the rapid pace of industrial shale gas development and the excessive infrastructure that comes with it can be shocking and overwhelming in a community.

Life in a rural area often involves calving, lambing, seeding, working, childcare and life in general. When shale gas moves in it dominates! People are inundated with companies, contractors, phone calls, surveyors, the Oil & Gas Commission, consultation, notifications, surface rights board hearings and oil & gas appeal tribunals, permits and approvals. The ‘temporary’ drilling operation and everything that goes with it turns your environment into mind bending noise, vibration, dust and industrial equipment all working at the same time.

The assault continues with fracking of wells, completions of wells, pipelines, flow lines, gas lines, water lines, stadium lighting, surveying and resurveying, ammendments, earthquakes, flares and more flares, notices, land agent, new land agent, telephone calls, letters, emails, another land agent. Repeat.

The BC government offers companies road credits, infrastructure credits and encourages drilling in spring, summer, winter & fall. There’s always more to come.

I sent a short video to a friend who wanted to know what it’s like to ‘live by fracking’. The video I sent to her was not of fracking but of a well site being prepared. I warned her to “turn down the volume on the video before you hit play or the noise might blast you out of your chair.”

After a landowner’s exhaustive attempts to address concerns or to try and resolve the things that can never be resolved, your land may be expropriated anyway.

Our land is changing and an area that used to be the driest spot in our hayfield is turning into a bog. This short video shows surface deformation in a gas field from petroleum extraction and it’s worth a look:

When this industry moves into a community there is no opting out or ‘no thank you we don’t want any’. We all share the bad air, disruptions, destruction, sleep deprivation and disturbed pets & livestock. My old dog spent the last year of his life frequently struggling to his feet because of the induced earthquakes and floor vibrations. It’s hell!

I’m not thriving because of BC’s shale oil & gas industry. In my experience, it’s been more like a slow kill. [Mine too. Add in the obvious corruption in our courts and betrayals by my lawyers against Law Society Rules.]

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