Ex-PC MLA denounces fracking as ‘dangerous experiment’

Ex-PC MLA denounces fracking as ‘dangerous experiment’ by CBC News, June 12, 2012
Tony Huntjens, who retired from politics instead of running in the 2010 election, said he was “flabbergasted” by his former colleagues’ decision to move forward with shale gas exploration and, in particular, hydraulic fracturing. … The former cabinet minister pointed to health problems in U.S. communities where hydro-fracturing is being done now. He also questioned how many inspectors would be hired by the provincial government to police the new regulations. “The army of people you will need will swallow up any royalties,” … Sharon Scott-Levesque said she wanted to know why Premier David Alward was critical of the shale gas industry in opposition but changed his mind after he won the 2010 election.

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