Angle Energy moves to quell fracking fears

Angle Energy moves to quell fracking fears by Johnnie Bachusky, June 12, 2012, Mountain View Gazette
With a goal to counter increasing media attention on the potential dangers of horizontal fracking, Calgary-based Angle Energy Inc. resumed its own aggressive public relations campaign last week with an open house and dinner for dozens of county residents and stakeholders. “We take the concerns very seriously. Certainly there has been some very high profile stories in the news,”…. “We are hoping for questions. Our goal is to understand whatever everyone is wondering, what they are thinking. The press is certainly a big driver of information that causes concerns and questions.” … “There are no fears. It is safe. When there are that many miles down it is not hurting us,”…. The issue came to full public attention last January when an oil well blowout from a hydraulic fracking operation on a farmer’s field west of Innisfail resulted in the messy release of fracturing fluid and some crude oil. Alberta’s Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) was forced to launch an investigation.

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