Encana provided $4K grant for Red Cross disaster relief in Fremont County

Encana provided $4K grant for Red Cross disaster relief in Fremont County by County 10 News, December 15, 2012
(Riverton, Wyo.) – Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. granted the American Red Cross of Wyoming (ARC) $4,000 to provide disaster relief services to victims of man-made or natural disasters in Fremont County, such as wildfires, floods, tornados, house fires and earthquakes. Funds will be used to assure the well-being of victims including food, clothing, replacement medicines, household items, shelter and emotional support. Last year, Encana USA’s contribution to the ARC assisted 47 individuals that were impacted by disaster, mostly single-family fires. “Encana’s previous support has not only enabled the American Red Cross of Wyoming to provide disaster relief services to these victims, but also allowed us to support two public shelters during impending floods that threatened Fremont County a few years ago,” said David Block, CEO, American Red Cross of Wyoming. “Without the generous support of donors like Encana, we could not provide these services.”

Led by approximately 175 volunteers, the non-profit organization also helps community members prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies, provides health and safety education such as CPR, First Aid and AED, and offers emergency communication services for military families.  “The relief and services the ARC provides ensures that the health and safety of people in Fremont County are protected and cared for,” said Randy Teeuwen, Encana USA community relations advisor. “Their efficient and trained response team bodes commitment and security during these times of need. We are honored to support such a caliber organization.” The ARC works closely with numerous agencies in order to make certain relief services are executed in a timely manner. “During a small disaster event like a single-family fire, the ARC usually works with the local fire department and other social service agencies,” said Block. “For large events like a flood, we work with several folks that may include Emergency Management Services, law enforcement, fire departments, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, the National Guard, Salvation Army and Food Bank of the Rockies. “From our supporters, like Encana, that fund our mission, to the people who are on the ground confronting these disasters, it truly is a community effort. I am proud to be a part of this united force that helps safeguard our community and state,” said Block. [Emphasis added]

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