Encana frac’s a community’s drinking water supply, publicly promises $150,000 after water wells start to go bad, years later donates the money to Rosebud School of the Arts Theatre, successfully silences the community

Encana donates $350,000 to Rosebud School of the Arts Theatre by Pat Kolafa, August 25, 2010, DrumhellerMail.com
Darci-Jane MacAuley of Encana: “This is not the end of our partnership. We love to partner with Rosebud Theatre and with this community. They help us with our development. We have learned a lot over the last three years on how we integrate what we are doing with natural gas with a cultural community like Rosebud, and we work well together,” she said.

2010 08 24 Encana buying Rosebud silence

Slide from Ernst presentations

[Refer also to:

2003 Encana 5-14-22-27-W4M Shallow Casing Perforations frac'd in 2004 into Rosebud Drinking Water Aquifers from Alberta Groundwater Centre Database

March 2004: EnCana’s intentional perfs and fracs into Rosebud fresh water aquifers, Source: Alberta Groundwater Centre (joint data base with Alberta Environment)

2004 10 Encana Rosebud Newsletter promsing 150,000 to Rosebud School of the Arts after company frac'd community drinking water aquifers and water wells started to go bad

Snap above from Encana’s October 2004 In Your Community Newsletter to Rosebud

Encana Shallow CBM Well 05-14-27-22-W4M Slide 57 in 2012 09 22 From Cape Town To Yukon Whitehorse

March 2004: EnCana’s Multiple Shallow Fracs into Fresh Water Aquifers at Rosebud, Alberta, from EnCana Corporation Site Investigation Report by Hydrogeological Consultants Ltd., January 2005

January 2005: HCL’s hydrogeological report admitting that EnCana fractured Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers in 2004.

January 2005: Investigators say an accumulation of gases appears to have caused the explosion that destroyed the Rosebud water tower and sent a Wheatland County employee to hospital

2006 04 01 EnCana Shallow Fracs at Rosebud Alberta up to April 2006

2001 – April 2006: EnCana’s intentional perfs and fracs Above the Base of Groundwater Protection at Rosebud, Alberta – before April 2006, many more wells continue to be intentionally perforated and frac’d Above the Base of Groundwater Protection within the map area, notably near Ernst well and others dangerously contaminated. The regulators do not stop the company. Slide from: Is hydraulic fracturing safe and sustainable? Presentation by Jessica Ernst on May 3, 2011 in New York at the United Nations 19th Commission on Sustainable Development. Click to get PDF, zoom in for legal land descriptions of the shallow wells frac’d where the fresh water is (red, many of these with multiple perforated intervals).  Black are deeper energy wells. Slide from Ernst presentations

2006 Alberta Views Troubled Waters Encana admits it fractured into Rosebud Aquifer at 5-14-22-27-W4M

Above from 2006 Alberta Views Front Page Trouble in the Fields, Is our Water Safe?

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