Doug Hendren: Fracking is Everywhere; We’ve got gag orders, no tape recorders, … ‘Cause the judge says that it ain’t legal, Walking ‘round, talking to people.

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Fracking Is Everywhere by Doug Hendren M.D. & Musical Scalpel, 2016

Something is going on, Pennsylvania,

Down on the farm.

Governor’s telling me not to be alarmed.

Animals upside down From drinking the water,

Families falling down From breathing the air.

Our throats are sore, Johnny’s stopped reading,

And our noses won’t stop bleeding.

Fracking is everywhere.

Benzene and toluene, carbon tetrachloride.

We’ve got trucks all night, left and right,

And the sky is always bright.

The odor may be strong, but the economy can’t be wrong.

Fracking is everywhere.

I’ve got a farm for sale, Do you want to buy it?

I’m moving to Manhattan For a little peace and quiet.

Gotta be careful who you’re talking to,

Down on the farm.

We’ve got gag orders, no tape recorders,

Better use your charm.

‘Cause the judge says that it ain’t legal, 

Walking ‘round, talking to people.

Fracking is everywhere.

Animals losing feathers and hair,

We’ve got chemicals in the water, in the soil and in the air.

And it’s going in your food, and I hope you like it barbecued.

Fracking is everywhere.

[But not in Prince Edward Island, Canada, or France, or Republic of Ireland … where wise law makers criminalized fracking]

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