Development in Rosebud, water will be upgraded to make sure it safe and clean – how?

Development in Rosebud by Dan Marcinkowski, April 17, 2013, Strathmore Standard
Developers are planning to build 17 residential sites, one storage site and one parking site in the Rosebud area. …

Water will be upgraded to make sure it safe and clean. [Emphasis added] 

“Water” monitoring well drilled in the Hamlet of Rosebud in 2007, after EnCana frac’d the community’s drinking water aquifers (in 2004). Drilling of this “water” well was supervised by Dr. Alec Blyth previously with the Alberta Research Council (now Alberta Innovates) and Kevin Pilger, Investigator with Alberta Environment.  The “water” well produced no water and so much methane and ethane, it forced the blue lid open, as shown in the above photo, and close up below. 

Alberta Environment was required to license this water well as a gas well and installed a compression cap and lock. This gas well is located near or is in the planned residential subdivision of 17 homes.

The ERCB requires an “absolute minimum distance…maintained between any energy facility… and a dwelling, rural housing development, urban centre, or public facility.” 

e.g. “The City of Medicine Hat can apply to the ERCB for a setback relaxation to allow the placement of certain occupied structures and surface improvements closer than 100m, but no closer than 50m, to a wellhead.” [Emphasis added]

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