Merry Christmas! Ian Jessop with CFAX 1070 in Victoria interviews Jessica Ernst

Ian Jessop interviews Jessica Ernst December 18, 2015, CFAX 1070

A listener’s email read by Ian on his show (another listener called in):

From: d m
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2015 1:24 PM
To: CFAX Talk
Subject: Jessica

Good afternoon Ian, Jessica, you are a fascinating women on so many levels. If the movie industry has not approached you, l believe they soon will. By what l have heard on the Radio this afternoon your case has many on the run looking to hide. I know you will never let up and l am thankful and proud to have you as a fellow Canadian, kind regards, Merry Christmas to you and loved ones. Don


2015 12 17 AG's Canada and BC file notices of withdrawal in Ernst vs AER at Supreme Court of Canada, 36167

Snap of Supreme Court of Canada Docket 36167 Ernst vs AER

Interview starts after the news & weather

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