Dear Danielle Smith, Take Back Alberta, UCP, Fucker Truckers (prev Yellow Vesters) and rural Albertans (too greedy and brainwashed by oil and gas to think for themselves): This post is for you.

Jeff Berardelli@WeatherProf:

The GOAT: He was so well respected and deservedly so. He would have been so angry at the nonsense going on right now. Not surprised, as he did predict this exact evolution, but still beside himself that people have lost their ability to critically think.

GOAT = “Greatest Of All Time.”

CarlSaganDotCom@carlsagandotcom Aug 14, 2023:

A lesson on the greenhouse effect with Carl Sagan.

Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change

Ryan Katz-Rosene@ryankatzrosene:

Alberta saw +50k evacuations this year from wildfires; major health impacts from smoke, huge economic damage; and the response of the Premier has been to blame arsonists, ban investment in renewables, and criticize fed’s clean electricity & jobs policy. Incompetent!Incompetent or evil? I think evil. Danielle Smith knows what she’s doing and the horrific harms she’s enabling/causing serving her polluting friends in oil and gas.

Honestly, how do Albertans put up with these petroleum-addled politicians? AB has so much to lose from unmitigated climate change, and its economy at major risk if it fails to diversify. If the UCP really cares about Albertans’ future prosperity it will prioritize CLIMATE!

Yo Leo@YoLeo___ Aug 14:

In “The dragons of the Eden”, Sagan stressed the importance of education: people with liberty or equal rights are not the only thing needed but people who can think, critize and take action. We need smarter people.

Doing nothing about climate change (except steal more and more $billions of the public’s money to give to multi-$billion profit-raping companies) is what big polluters in oil, gas, coal and frac demand of their (our) politicians. This is why Repuglican and con/libertarian/fascist gov’ts the world over have been fast and efficiently destroying education.

I was fortunate I was educated in Quebec where critical thinking is taught. When I moved to Alberta, I was horrified to see the masses here, notably rural, living follow-the-fascists, unable to think for themselves or critically.

Education in Alberta has only been getting worse, with heaps more Synergy Alberta and oil and gas industry brainwashing.

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