Cruel hide-in-the-closet misogynistic hateful old white man fascist Steve Harper to be appointed minister of foreign affairs under Pierre Picklehead?

Navigating near-term climate tragedy @OhSheri1 Mar 22, 2024:

IF Canada was a real friend to Israel, it would say, ” You are committing genocide, stop, genocide is bad, it will bring you down.” A real friend is honest and truthful.

Maher Arar:

“Israel lost her mind. And all her supporters did as well.” Including Steve Harper and his worshippers. I’ve always believed Pierre Picklehead (Poilievre) is just a place holder for Harper to illegally slither his unwanted filthy ass back into Party of One Power, then copy Putin, Netanyahu, Orban to stay there.


Not fit to print@LindsayKempFan:

Harper had a revolving door of Foreign Affairs Ministers: 7 in 10 yrs.
It’s been said about him that his only consistent foreign policy was support for Israel.
If PM, he would have joined UK & US in the war against Iraq. Here’s just one assessment:


Tracey @mustangmadd:

We’re Modi, Orbán, Netanyahu and we approve this message


Harper’s track record with foreign affairs was abysmal when he was PM…….now that he’s the chair of the IDU he would move from a benign joke to the guy who unleashed some of the worst on the planet on us.

Elke Babiuk@ElkeBabiuk:

Seriously Fred?

Harper was an international pariah on the world stage with respect to our #ClimateCrisis, winning numerous Fossil Awards yr after yr!

Why would you think Global leaders would respect a Fossil like Harper on Foreign Affairs?


A ridiculous idea, Harper’s associates are: Modi in India, Viktor Orban, Trump, Putin, Maduro, Mike Roman (indicted RICO charges) and other fascist billionaires and republicans.


Fred often has better assessments on stuff but this one is right out to lunch. Why are Conservatives often the last to know that Harper wasn’t that respected on the international stage? It’s mind-bending to me.


Fred is paid.


LOLOLOLOL did that really happen?


Here’s the source.


wow. thanks. so the man has a thing for closets & bathrooms


Just think: It was somebodys job to get Stephen Harper to come out of the closet


The potential for this to happen makes me feel ill.

catherine dickson@cmdott:

Harper has always loved Orban

… Sorry Fred. It would be a huge mistake. Harper would only intensify his IDU friends.

… Good grief. Having Harper back would be a disaster as it was when he was PM. Although IDU followers would benefit. Come on Fred. Harper is yesterday’s news

Ed Doadt@eddoadt:

[Harper] is both a traitor and a criminal.

Timothy Anderson @AndersonBooz:

Appointing a suspected war criminal who has supported torture, terrorism and totalitarians and who has led an organization that included Mike Roman would not be seen as anything but corrupt.


No, it would show a decided push towards fascism and authoritarianism, by appointing the Chair of the IDU to this role

It would signal the end of Canadian democracy

Tamz @Kevtamz:

Pivotal role in the decline of Canadas reputation even further if that were to happen.


Phew. That is the most bizarre, dreadful idea I have heard this cycle of news. Harper is head of an organization filled with FAR RIGHT authoritarians and would be ones, hiding under the word democracy, who want to change Europe and beyond.

And he isolated Canada when in gov. NO

Brian C@CarletonPlace:

The IDU has already done enough damage.

Jean Hayley@madeforyouandme:

Nightmare scenario

GGD of Boudicca@oddswith:


Harper meddling in Canada’s foreign affairs would only be an embarrassing repeat of what he did 2006-2015; which was to allow Netanyahu and a far RW Israeli govt dictate Canada’s Mideast policy to appease Con Rapture ready fruitcakes #NeverPoilievre



As well as arm Saudi Arabia to use it against their own citizens and sell off any number of assets to China and Saudi Arabia! Then there’s the damage he did at home. Heavy pass.

P Smith@rwbb60:

Christian nationalism is not a foreign policy.

[Harper’s] part of the Plymouth Brethren group- super religious

Might as well appoint Modi or Orban.


It would be a disaster for Canada. It’s not what Canada is.One of the reasons Harper hates Canada so much, and hates Canadians even more.

MattGIStandWithUkraine #FUPutin@MGalenkamp33:

So he can sell off more of the country? Get bent


This is why the @CPC_HQ isn’t a serious political party. All they can offer is more Harper. They don’t have a consistent political stance on anything except the desire to install Harper again somehow.

Monoceros @reioflightyoga:

WTF? The ring leader of the IDU. The man that is responsible for the downfall of society on a global scale? Fuck no.

rick kelly (he/him)@rkelly123:

Why not just jump the cue and put Orban in….for life!

Peter Brake@PeterRB1965:

Hire Harper to build a coalition with increasingly authoritarian regimes? Poilevre can be lumped in with Putin, Orban, Modi, Erdogan and, in Delorey’s fever dream, the corrupt and compromised Trump?



F*CK no. Geezus

Robb Fergusson@robbfergusson:

Appointing Stephen Harper as minister of foreign affairs under a Poilievre government would be a “bold declaration” that PP is definitely not ready for prime time.


He’d never pass the sniff test while getting a security clearance. Is this his way of getting back to the PM chair, by having PP step down?

Giant Cheeto@giantcheetoAB:

I’m gonna have nightmares now. Harper can’t win a general election but he could easily win the CPC leadership again.

Tinnitis Emeritus@pbontoast1:

Should the @CPC_HQ ever come near power in Canada again, the appointment of the Right Honourable Steven Harper as Foreign Minister might be even more disastrous than any potential leadership of Pierre Poilievre.

Scott Thrasher@_Scott_Thrasher:

He’s despised by a lot of the worldDuring my speaking tours, most so in other countries, I was stunned how many people found Harper and his policies repulsive, cruel and hateful.

Heather @hbardell1:

Holy CRAP! Stephen Harper has been playing an active role in undermining democracy all over the world. He can take a hike.

Louella Burchat@BurchatLouella:

No, this cannot be, his track record on foreign affairs is not to be repeated, he is currently chair of the IDU, so Modi, Netanyahu, Orban and likely Putin would just love this

sue poirier @suepoirier2:

Absolute NO!


Just let him be ambassador to Hungary, or Russia, or any of the authoritarian leaders he likes to hang with these days.

Shasta – “No Longer Fixing Typos” – Morgen@ShastaMorgen:

Appointing him minister of anything makes a mockery of having elections. If Harper wants to be a minister, he can run again (God forbid).

Jill Reeves@MJillReeves:

There’s no way this dude wants to be an underling.

pollyv (Free AF)@pollyvinebag:

The Chairman of the IDU?? Get serious.

LDH Bohemian Canada Dave@Canada_Dave:

Stephen Harper works for IndiaWhich appears to have diddled to make Picklehead leader of the CPC.

Carl Juneau@CarlJuneau1:

Really?? If anything, Canada’s foreign policy under Harper was a farce, starting with the loss of our seat on the Security Council, and the sale of key assets to foreign interests.

Rich H@richinvancity:


Dave L@Lockieda:

He needs to go away, and we never see him again.

Lisa Haldane@dovergirl95:

Good grief. So is this how minister of foreign affairs becomes supreme ruler of Canada?

Patricia McDonald@Papaschase2:

It means a infiltration of NeoLiberal ideology that he has been pushing already globally. For those of you in the cheap seats a privatization of everything and degradation of society. A racist, bigoted, misogynistic platform that believes in a society run by the oligarchy.


Harper is regressive. The world needs progressive leaders.


Quick question for conservative Fred DeLorey. Are you saying Harper can be an MP without being elected? Because every cabinet minister is an elected official first.

Errant Balls Carnage@errantballs:

Ah Modi’s puppet

Roy MacNeil@RoyMac1957:



If you need yet another reason to vote against the CPC…

Musings #WomenAgainstPoilievre@Gavash2019:

Another reason NOT TO VOTE for the CPC.

Nick Mack@nickthemack:

F*ck no


So he can hide what he’s doing from the media again? Shame on you for promoting him.



The CONservative party has been misleading Canadians ever since the fascists Harper and Manning took the reins.

Ambivalent Sloth@avenge_p:

By all means, let’s bring Canada’s supervillain out of the shadows.


There’s not going to be a Poilievre government

Kate Minor@KateMinor2:

Maybe a refresher ?

Stephen Harper: Whose government piled up dozens of abuses of ethics and the law since coming to power in 2006


Really? So he can continue to destroy international environmental efforts, back repressive Middle East monarchies, ignore third world suffering, support a criminal Netanyahu and further isolate Canada? I suppose if he has to run for election he knows how to cheat to win.

Harper to foreign affairs in a Poilievre government? The appointment of Stephen Harper as minister of foreign affairs under a Poilievre government represents more than just a political maneuver; it is a bold declaration of Canada’s readiness to assume a pivotal role in shaping global affairs by Fred DeLorey, Mar 22, 2024, ipolitics

Fred DeLorey is the host of the hit iPolitics podcast, On Background, and was the national campaign manager for the Conservative Party of Canada in 2021. He previously served as director of field operations for Ontario Premier Doug Ford, director of political operations for former prime minister Stephen Harper, and national spokesperson for the Conservative Party. He is currently a partner at NorthStar Public Affairs and is a regular political commentator.

Should a future Conservative government look to the past — and the U.K. — for guidance on foreign affairs?

In a world fraught with geopolitical upheavals and an ever-evolving international order, Canada finds itself at a crossroads, pondering its place and purpose on the global stage.

During recent conversation on my podcast, On Background, with Dan Lauzon, the astute former Liberal director of communications turned senior director of public policy (International) for CAE, served as a catalyst for a profound realization. As we delved into the intricacies of world affairs and defense, it became increasingly clear that the path for Canada to assert its leadership globally necessitates not just participation, but bold and decisive action.

In this context, Pierre Poilievre, armed with a cadre of potential stars like Michael Chong, Michelle Rempel Garner, Melissa Lantsman, and Shuv Majumdar, stands at the helm of an opportunity to redefine Canada’s international engagement. Yet, as we navigate these turbulent times, it is evident that the moment calls for a choice marked by audacity rather than mere potential.

To this end, should Poilievre emerge victorious in the forthcoming election, appointing Stephen Harper as the minister of foreign affairs could signify a strategic coup of monumental significance.

Image of Napoleon Harpie by Montreal Simon

Harper’s legacy includes not only the unification of Canada’s conservative factions into a cohesive Conservative Party — a pivotal force in national politics — but also a distinguished record of international engagement.

Cover Party of One by Michael Harris

As prime Minister, he attended numerous G7 and G20 summits, demonstrating an adeptness at navigating complex global forums. Moreover, his tenure was marked by the signing of a record number of free trade agreements, expanding Canada’s economic reach across continents.

Harper’s role as chair of the International Democrat Union (IDU) — an alliance fostering links among centre-right parties worldwide — further amplifies his global influence. In today’s climate, where co nservative governments are gaining prominence, his extensive network through the IDU could serve Canada well, providing unparalleled access and insights into the machinations of global conservative leadership.

Moreover, Harper’s diplomatic prowess, especially in potentially dealing with a Trump administration, positions him as an invaluable asset, ensuring Canada’s prominence on the world stage.

Yves Engler’s The Ugly Canadian, Stephen Harper’s Foreign Policy

His unequivocal leadership, evidenced by his firm stance against Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014, where he famously insisted, “You need to get out of Ukraine”, highlights a career defined by courage and principle, elements that are in short supply on today’s geopolitical chessboard.

Critics may argue that the role of a foreign minister might seem a step down for Harper, Canada’s sixth-longest-serving prime minister, who navigated the country through the tumultuous waters of the Great Recession. Yet, it is precisely Harper’s unparalleled dedication to public service and his revered standing?!!? Many Canadians and in the rest of the world hate Harper. Deeply. He’s an incredibly cruel evil man. in the international community that render him the ideal candidate for this role. This is a man whose passion for politics and love for his country know no bounds.

Harper’s potential contribution to reinvigorating Canada’s prominence on the world stage cannot be overstated. With Poilievre’s attention rightly focused on domestic affairs, Harper’s gravitas could serve to enhance Canada’s diplomatic standing, providing both leadership and mentorship.

Stephen Harper’s Closet, a must watch 30 seconds.

An obstacle to this proposition is Harper’s current absence from Parliament and his likely disinterest in seeking electoral office again. Indeed, a similar move in the United Kingdom, where former prime minister David Cameron was appointed to the House of Lords to serve in a ministerial capacity, offers a compelling example for Canada to consider. Although it would be rich with irony for Harper, a staunch advocate for Senate reform, to accept a senatorial appointment, the move could free him to advocate for Canada on the global stage without the encumbrances of domestic politics.

The appointment of Stephen Harper as minister of foreign affairs under a Poilievre government represents more than just a political maneuver; it is a bold declaration of Canada’s readiness to assume a pivotal role in shaping global affairs.

It is a testament to the belief that true leadership transcends the confines of domestic politics, seeking instead to foster a legacy of international diplomacy and peace. In these times of global uncertainty and shifting alliances, Canada has the opportunity to lead by example, showcasing the strength of its convictions and the depth of its commitment to global stability.

Image of Steve Harper slithering along Israel’s Wailing Wall by Montreal Simon

Harper, with his storied career and unwavering dedication, could very well be the architect of this new chapter in Canada’s diplomatic history.

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