Celebrate earth day 2023? How?

Human greed has destroyed everything I love. Starting with Encana/Ovintiv illegally frac’ing my drinking water supply at Rosebud, enabled by AER, Alberta gov’t, politicians at all levels (municipal, provincial and federal), judges, NGOs and Synergy groups, even my own legal team led by Murray Klippenstein (no wonder he got his privileged ass onto the board of his self-regulator, the LSO; it evilly fits).

I’ve loved water since I was a child. I’ve been grieving the loss of mine for decades, with no recovery in sight. Humans are wiping out safe water globally and so much else, including my beloved song birds. My head and heart spin daily from humanity’s cruelty, selfishness and religious arrogance – “god will fix everything, don’t you worry jess.” ya, right. It’s not god’s job to clean up after us, it’s our job and we’re failing.

How can I celebrate earth day as I watch all I love get destroyed, more and more birds dropping dead from the sky, or sickened, suffering horridly, when most humans who could make a difference don’t give a shit about anything but themselves, their egos, next meal, shopping extravaganzas and as many polluting travel adventures as they can finance?

I want my safe water back, and this, which used to be my kitchen window view:

But, the gold finch population plummeted after frac’ing invaded, and most of the trembling aspen (my favourite tree) I planted on my land have died – destroyed by greed and pollution, with the added devastation of humans not keeping their murderous house cats in the house.

Celebrating earth day today, not just in the future.

Revealed: oil sector’s ‘staggering’ $3bn-a-day profits for last 50 years, Vast sums provide power to ‘buy every politician’ and delay action on climate crisis, says expert

Many ghastly clips in this thread:

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