Call For A Moratorium on Hydro Fracking

Call For A Moratorium on Hydro Fracking by Don Bester, Alberta Surface Rights Group, January 20, 2012
The potential to cause cross communication from the fracking zone to zones that contain active fresh water aquifers is one of the many concerns, Alberta Surface Rights Group has identified to both the Department of Environment and the E.R.C.B. The continual denial by the ERCB that this will not happen is very much a concern as every professional geologist knows there are natural occurring fractures in every formation and the potential for a high pressure frack to propagate through this natural fracture system and introduce contaminates of fracking fluid to a fresh water aquifer is inevitable. … The dramatic impact of a migration of a fracking operation into an existing oil or gas well is evidenced in the latest blowout of a Wildstream Resources producing oil well on January 13, 2012… This incident could have been a much more serious oil blowout had it not been noticed by the landowner that owns the property adjacent…It was particularly alarming that when this landowner tried to call in the emergency to the ERCB hotline, he was unable to get an answer!

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