Belcoo, Northern Ireland: Anti-fracking tractor run attracts 140 vehicles

Anti-fracking tractor run attracts 140 vehicles by Fermanagh Herald, August 3, 2014
The run began in Belcoo and travelled to Enniskillen where vehicle congregated at Holyhill car park in the town. They later made their way back to Belcoo.
Opposition has been growing following the announcement that fracking company Tamboran are to begin test drilling at a site in Belcoo in the coming weeks to give them more information on natural gas here.

… “Almost 140 vehicles that took over 12.5 minutes to pass the gates of the site. It was emotional for those of us watching to see the mountain of support behind us, with the backdrop on one side of the hostile site gates and on the other, one of the most beautiful views in Ireland. Keep the faith everyone and keep demanding what we all want – a ban to fracking anywhere in this country – including exploration.” [Emphasis added]

Belcoo: Hundreds attend public meeting on fracking in County Fermanagh
by BBC, August 1, 2014

The meeting was attended by representatives from Sinn Féin, the SDLP, Green Party and a local independent councillor. The DUP, UUP and Alliance Party were invited but said no one was available.

Tom White, a Belcoo resident who helped organise the meeting, said a “strong message” needed to go out on fracking. “It’s not a small little project on a small borehole being bored somewhere in a quarry in Belcoo.

“This affects the whole island and it is very important that people all over the island take note of this.”

He added that planning is a devolved matter, so Northern Ireland’s politicians should make a decision on whether fracking should go ahead.

“They need to come down and do what’s right for Northern Ireland and, in particular, what is right for Fermanagh.”

Tamboran have said that the borehole is to determine whether shale gas exists. … On Wednesday, the company were granted an extension to a High Court injunction to stop protesters getting close to the quarry. They said the injunction was granted following “unlawful incidents” on the quarry site. [Emphasis added]

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