Balcombe Battle 2013

Balcombe Battle 2013 by Fundacja Indigena, August 18, 2013

2013 08 18 Battle Balcombe 2013

2013 08 18 Battle Balcombe 2013 World frac ban next

2013 08 18 Battle Balcombe 2013 Toxic, No thanks

Peter Lilley MP challenges Vanessa Vine over the Balcombe protest from 1:08:30 by Stephen Nolan, August 16, 2013, BBC News

“How long do you plan stay at the protest?”

Vanessa: “Well, I live here” … “At what point do I act in self-defence? Because this is threatening me and my son…. We’ve already got discoloured water in the taps in Balcombe, people aren’t sleeping because of the noise”

Peter Lilley MP: “Before they’ve even drilled?”

Vanessa: “They have drilled! They’ve been drilling for a couple of weeks. … people in the south of the village have discoloured water and you don’t even know that. We had a man come down from south of the village at 3 in the morning, saying, ‘Stop them, I haven’t slept for four nights, my patio tiles are shaking.'”

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