And then there were six!

And then there were six! Press Release by Joe Anglin, August 17, 2007, Lavesta Area Group
Now landowners have identified the names of six private investigators. … Landowners maintain the security concerns of the EUB were fabricated and exaggerated, and used as an excuse to violate their rights. Copies of E-Mails, now confirm the head of EUB security, Ray Ambler, obtained access to the password protected conference calls between landowners and their lawyers. This revelation contradicts Mr. Ambler’s and the Board’s earlier statements denying any knowledge of landowner conference calls. Additional E-mails confirm the EUB collected information on a Global Warming Activist Camp, held west of Edmonton in June and they collected information on the Alberta Environmental Network’s efforts to call for a public inquiry. None of these events had anything to do with security in Rimbey and landowners want to know why the EUB engaged in these activities? Landowners also maintain undercover personnel were in attendance at the July hearing in 2006 and at the pre-hearing last November. The EUB, AESO and AltaLink currently refuse to answer questions surrounding these events. The hiring of private investigators by the EUB violates the basic principles of due process of law. By proactively investigating landowners, the EUB undermined the entire process in what appears to be, to the advantage of the industry.

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