All political roads lead to the energy minister

All political roads lead to the energy minister by Graham Thomson, June 24, 2012, Calgary Herald
One priority is ensuring the province has an up-to-date electricity grid; another is finding a balance between environment and development, something that he says requires “a combination of science and judgment.” He is also overseeing the regulatory enhancement project, wherein regulations of projects currently split between the departments of environment and sustainable resources, as well as the Energy Resources Conservation Board, will be reviewed and merged together into a “one-window approval process for industry.” … The issue of getting our bitumen to tidewater or saltwater ports is critical to Alberta, says Hughes. “If we get to tide water, we get world price, so we’ve got to get to tide water,” says Hughes. “Industry is missing out on somewhere between $15 and $20 billion in revenues per annum today because we’re landlocked and don’t have enough access to global prices.”

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