Alberta launches new program to help municipalities protect from flooding but frac’d communities, families, farms and water supplies are out of luck

Alberta launches new program to help municipalities protect from flooding by The Canadian Press, June 9, 2014, Lethbridge Herald
Alberta has introduced a new grant program to help municipalities better protect their residents, property, and infrastructure from the effects of floods or droughts. [But not frac’ing]

Municipalities, First Nations, and Metis settlements can apply for funds from the Alberta Community Resilience Program for projects that protect critical municipal infrastructure from flooding and drought. The cost-share program will direct $325 million to municipalities over the next three years for projects such as berms, dikes, and riverbank stabilization.

Eligible projects may either protect municipal infrastructure such as public buildings, roads, or wastewater systems, enhance public safety, or improve evacuation times. The grants will cover 90 per cent of project costs up to $3 million and 70 per cent of costs in excess of $3 million.

Municipalities have until Sept. 30 to apply for the first round of funding.

“We are committed to improving Alberta’s resilience when faced with floods and drought by providing the resources needed to protect our vulnerable communities,” Environment Minister Robin Campbell said in a news release. “Our aim is to put effective mitigation solutions in place while respecting taxpayers’ dollars.” [Emphasis added]

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