Alberta: “Get COVID Party” in Edson two weeks ago sends “a lot” of residents to already overwhelmed Edmonton ICU. Is that where COVID-denying UCP officials got sick, now in hospital “battling for their lives?” Ken Michel: “I was going to attend that party, but I went to the ‘Throw big rocks in the air and close your eyes’ party instead.”

de Adder Canada@deAdderCanada: Unless there was some obscure Premier in Canadian history who killed and ate orphans, Jason Kenney will go down as the worst Premier in Canadian history.

Dr. Verna Yiu, CEO of AHS: “It’s tragic that we are only able to keep pace with these kind of numbers because in part some of our ICU patients have passed away.” Sept 23, 2021

Courtney Theriault @cspotweet: An Edmonton woman in her 30s with no underlying conditions is among the new COVID deaths being reported by Alberta Health. Sept 23, 2021

Courtney Theriault@cspotweet – 17 new deaths – 1660 new COVID cases on 18k tests (9.4%+) – 1058 in hospital, incl 226 in ICU – 100% of new ICU patients unvaxxed. Sept 23, 2021

Canadians End Up In ICU After Attending ‘Covid Party’ by Victoria Forster, Cancer research scientist and childhood cancer survivor, Sept 23, 2021, Forbes

An undisclosed number of people from the town of Edson in Alberta in Canada have ended up in the ICU after attending a “Covid party,” according to news reports.

Originally reported by City News Edmonton, partygoers at the event held around two weeks ago had supposedly attended the gathering with the specific intention of contracting Covid-19 to achieve “natural immunity” against the SARS-CoV2 virus, with “several” of them ending up in hospital including some in ICU in Edmonton.

“I am demoralized and infuriated that people would intentionally add fuel to the inferno, risking onward transmission to others, and potentially landing in the ICU at a time when we have literally a handful of beds left for the entire province,” said Dr. Ilan Schwartz, MD, PhD, an infectious diseases physician and assistant professor at the University of Alberta.

For what should be obvious reasons, it is not recommended to achieve ‘immunity’ to the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus via natural infection. These reasons include the risk of being hospitalized with Covid-19, dying from Covid-19, experiencing the menagerie of chronic symptoms associated with “long Covid” and also transmitting the virus to others.

None of these are a risk with immunity acquired via immunization with Covid-19 vaccines, which are widely available all over Canada and are free.

“There is no evidence that natural immunity is better than vaccine generated immunity, and some evidence that vaccine generated immunity is more robust and longer lasting. Getting the vaccine is much much safer than getting the virus,” said Dr. Schwartz.

recent study found that over a third of people who recovered from Covid-19 did not have any detectable levels of antibodies in their blood with immunity gained after vaccination widely believed to be superior to than following infection with the virus.

The idea for the “Covid party” may have come from “chickenpox parties,” where parents would intentionally expose their children to other children with chickenpox to get them to build immunity to the virus that causes chickenpox at a young age. However, a vaccine is now available for chickenpox and the CDC strongly recommends against hosting or participating in these events, stressing that although rare, chickenpox can be severe in even healthy children.

“Chickenpox parties were popular at a time when understanding of the risks of varicella (chickenpox) infections were under appreciated, and when a vaccine was not available. They were a terrible idea, COVID parties are also a terrible idea.” said Dr. Schwartz.

Although clearly unwise at any time, the timing of the misguided gathering could not be any worse for Alberta, which is experiencing a significant surge in Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths after relaxing many pandemic control measures during the summer months. With the highest rate of new Covid-19 cases in Canada, a state of public health emergency has been declared, with healthcare authorities creating extra spaces for ICU beds and freeing up extra staff by cancelling all other elective surgeries to cope, but this ‘surge capacity’ is quickly being depleted.

“People’s cancer surgeries are being canceled because we cannot cope with the volume of patients needing ICU care, and they [the Covid party participants] are intentionally putting themselves and others in a position to use up those precious resources. Its unforgivable,” said Dr. Schwartz.

The province has recently brought in some further public health restrictions such as a ban on private gatherings for unvaccinated people with other households, vaccine passes to access non-essential businesses and the closure of the inside of bars and restaurants, irrespective of patron vaccination status. A few days ago, the provincial government asked for help from other Canadian provinces for specialist healthcare staff and help with medical evacuations of patients to other hospitals around the country.

‘COVID party’ send Edson residents to Edmonton ICU 2:20 Min clip by Edmonton City News, Sept 22, 2021

“It’s just unbelievable.” A number of Edson residents are in Edmonton ICUs following a gathering to try and get COVID-19– as a way to achieve natural immunity. One virologist explains why that’s a dangerous idea.

First COVID-19 death of a person under 20 reported in Alberta, More than 1,000 people in hospital with COVID by CBC News, Sept 22, 2021

A few comments to the CBC article:

Ken Michel:

In other news, “‘COVID party’ sends Edson residents to Edmonton ICU”. I was going to attend that party, but I went to the ‘Throw big rocks in the air and close your eyes” party instead.

Ike Clanton:

29 dead in Alberta today. The province is now 50% of the way to achieving Florida’s daily death rate on a per capita basis. That’s a true badge of honor for Premier Flintstone, Minister Scamdro & Doctor Death. Incompetence knows no bounds in covidiot country. Yeehaw!


… Another government source said that ironically, a couple of UCP riding officials are in hospital battling for their lives over COVID-19 — a disease that they had denied even existed — though he refused to say who they are.

“If they weren’t in hospital fighting for their lives, they’d be calling on Jason to step down for bringing in voluntary vaccine passports,” said the source. …


July 2021:

Two months later:

Brought to you by: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Chief Medical Officer of Death (“Health” UCP style) Dr. Deena Hinshaw and the UCP.

“Best Summer Ever!

Compare Alberta’s gross mismanagement of the pandemic, killing many (intentional? serving Steve Harper et al’s lust to destroy our public health care, let American-for-profit corps take over and bankrupt ordinary citizens?), with how the province grossly mismanages the energy industry, sickening, killing and or financially harming many of us to help the rich get richer.

Refer also to:

Delta variant takes control of oil market with eroding share prices. What do you expect when people refuse to protect themselves, their loved ones, co-workers and community, and medical officers of health and politicians lie and remove protections?

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