Alberta aims to get public onside in fracking debate, Province will stress education, transparency

Alberta aims to get public onside in fracking debate, Province will stress education, transparency by Trish Audette, Edmonton Journal, March 5, 2012
“Public education, community engagement, even media engagement are themes that seem to be growing around this to make sure that we’re not maybe repeating the same thing we saw in the oilsands, where everybody seemed to have their own sets of facts … causing confusion ultimately to the general public,” said Andy Ridge, the water policy director for Alberta Environment and Water….Ridge said transparency on hydraulic fracturing — from fracture fluids that can be unrecyclable and unreusable, to water testing and monitoring water use — demands Alberta Environment work in partnership with the independent board.…I think (in) Canada we’ve been a bit slow, in part because we have a good relationship with our industry [Emphasis added]

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