AER: Regulation only when it suits them. Tidewater Midstream, spills 30,000 litres acidic water into creek, charged with 10 violations, including releasing substance that “caused or may have caused an adverse effect.” Encana injected 18 *million* litres frac fluid into Rosebud’s aquifers contaminating them, covered it up but is not charged. Instead, the company’s VP Gerry Protti and manager Mark Taylor rewarded with top jobs at AER, and CEO Gwyn Morgan the Order of Canada.

Encana kept their illegal aquifer fracs secret and later lied about them to the harmed and public. Encana intentionally commingled its multiple frac zone gas wells to prevent accurate fingerprinting data collection. Encana has yet to disclose to me and the community the relevant data on the super shallow fracs and all chemicals injected.

None of Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers have yet been repaired and unfrac’d.

Encana turned itself into Ovintiv and ran away to the USA. AER engaged in fraud to cover-up the crimes and violated my Charter rights trying to terrify me silent.

Instead of charging the company, the RCMP, as Steve Harper’s anti-terrorist squad, invaded my private property trying to scare me quiet – it seems to set the stage for AER’s outside counsel, Glenn Solomon, to lie about me in official court filings, calling me a terrorist with apparent intent to prejudice judges against me. Is that why Supreme Court of Canada justice Rosalie Abella defamed me in her ruling, which the high court published and included in their ruling summary sent to media?

Image by FrackingCanada (years ago). I’m going into my 18th year coping with life-threatening frac’d well water and my 14th year hauling alternate supply (45 min drive one way).

Regulator lays charges against Tidewater Midstream for acidic water release, Acidic water flowed into a nearby creek, regulator says by The Canadian Press, Oct 22, 2021, CBC News

The Alberta Energy Regulator has laid charges against Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd. for a release of acidic water in west-central Alberta.

The regulator says the release occurred in Oct. 2019 at Tidewater’s Ram River sour gas processing plant west of Rocky Mountain House.

About 30,000 litres of acidic water flowed from a containment area into a nearby creek, the regulator said in a statement to CBC News. 

Calgary-based Tidewater has been charged with 10 violations under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, including releasing a substance to the environment that caused or may have caused an adverse effect.

The regulator also alleges that Tidewater failed to report the release of the acidic water as soon as possible, and failed to take all reasonable measures to repair and remedy the spill.

The release was reported about 13 hours after the indicated release time, the AER said. 

The AER said the release took place on Oct. 25 at 9 p.m.

The operator reported the incident to Environmental and Dangerous Goods Emergencies (EDGE) the following evening at 10:21 p.m., the AER said. That’s nearly instant, compared to Encana’s illegal acts in 2001 and 2004 at Rosebud that continue hiding under AER’s cover-up rug. Caveman Canada’s laws and rules are a biased shit show: Regulation when it suits regulators; rule of law and honesty when it suits judges; rules of the profession when it suits lawyers (and their enabling regulators, also lawyers).

Tidewater is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 8 in Rocky Mountain House.

Rocky Mountain House is about 215 kilometres southwest of Edmonton.


Lots more on Encana/Ovintiv here:

A murder mystery: Who really killed Encana? Or is this a Gwyn Morgan Puff Piece? Best thing that could happen is the death of AEC/Encana/Cenovus/Ovintiv

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