24 Salem Residents File Lawsuit Against Antero Resources and Hall Drilling LLC

24 Salem Residents File Lawsuit Against Antero Resources and Hall Drilling LLC by Kim Freda, October 11, 2013, wboy.com
More than 20 Salem residents have filed a lawsuit in Harrison County Circuit Court against Antero Resources Corporation, Antero Resources Bluestone, and Hall Drilling LLC, citing that oil and gas operations near their homes have negatively impacted their quality of life. The residents allege that Antero’s hydraulic fracturing has ruined their water wells, damaged area roads while creating excessive traffic, light, noise and air pollution. Some of the 24 residents cite that employees have harassed them, according to court filings. The plaintiffs said they have been negatively impacted and are no longer able to enjoy their lives and use their homes and properties in the way they previously enjoyed, prior to Antero and Hall Drilling’s actions, according to the filings. The people filing the lawsuit live on Cherry Camp Road, Rainbow Ranch Road, Haymond Woods Road, and Stillhouse Road. They believe that Antero has negligently mismanaged natural gas wells, resulting in several spills that discharged fluids onto nearby land or water, according to the filings. The plaintiffs claim natural gas activities near their homes has damaged water for drinking, bathing, and other household uses, according to the filings. The residents cite that Antero and Hall Drilling have repeatedly concealed the dangerous nature of their natural gas activities and the impact it has on nearby landowners and the environment. [Emphasis added]

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