1,500 At Fredericton, NB Anti-Fracking Rally

1,500 At Fredericton, NB Anti-Fracking Rally by Miles Howe, August 2, 2011.
The NB government, in an attempt to placate the masses, and perhaps to save itself from being on the receiving end of a class-action lawsuit, unveiled, on June 23rd,  a framework of regulations for potential frackers in the province. Judging by yesterday’s turnout, the crowd was less than satistfied by Department of Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup, and said regulations. Northrup’s regs call for baseline testing for wells in close proximity to frack jobs, disclosure of the chemicals used when fracking, and security bonds for potential household damage due to fracking. SWN, it should be mentioned, is currently facing, and has faced in the past, class-action lawsuits in Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

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