Yukon Party MLAs’ indifference was shameful

Yukon Party MLAs’ indifference was shameful by Jacqueline Vigneux, November 23, 2012, Whitehorse Star
It looks like synergy strategy in action. It means there have been players in the background who have been working for this to happen for a long time so the oil and gas industry could move in easily with few regulations.

Promises to abide by regulations that have no teeth to begin with is what the oil and gas industries are known for. Once they have the foot in the door, all these things are idle talk, and its the petroleum wild west. I am also very sorry for the conservation society, which has been fooled into a trap. The Yukon Party is using it as their fig leave to to avoid real public consultation and to present a false amendment to Motion 275. Such a situation is not good for the YCS, which wanted to do “good”. It put stress on the its staff as now, one or two of them will pretend or have to represent the whole Yukon. This synergy wants to make one forget there is a petition signed by 1,806 people, who demand a ban on fracking….

[Refer also to: Two hour speech in the Yukon Legislature on the precautionary principal and some of the science showing significant risks to society, health, environment, wildlife, water and the public interest from hydraulic fracturing ]

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