Worried about fracking in Michigan, citizens group sues the DNR

Worried about fracking, citizens group sues the DNR by Kate Wells, October 24, 2012, Michigan Radio
Steve Losher lives in Barry county, and he’s worried. So worried, he and the rest of the citizens in the non-profit group called the Michigan Land Air Water Defense are suing the state. They’re upset about what they believe could happen once the Department of Natural Resources auctions off the mineral rights to gaming areas in Barry and Allagen counties. It’s a totally typical auction – the DNR does this kind of thing twice a year since about 1920.

And it’s those chemicals that Losher and his group are concerned about. When drillers have to use that much water, and that much harmful contaminants, how do you make absolutely sure that none of it hurts people or the environment?

It’s not a problem, according to oil and gas companies. They say they store that polluted water so far below the ground, it doesn’t get into the public’s water supply.

The DNR says they’re planning to fight the lawsuit in court.

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