Must Watch! Why “Remarkable Gentleman” Laith Marouf drives Zionists crazy

Thank you for this excellent interview and tour of a beautiful shrine.

Kaith Marouf:

“I targeted the Grand Wizard of Zionism in Canada: Irwin Cotler. … At the time, Cotler was the Minister of Justice. Of course some would say the Minister of Injustice.”

“It also shows you the ridiculousness and the fragility of the Zionist.”

“Thirty years of the Zionists trying to destroy me.”

Why Laith Marouf drives Zionists crazy by Dimitri Lascaris, Mar 29, 2024

While in Lebanon, Dimitri Lascaris caught up with Laith Marouf, a Canadian of Palestinian-Syrian origin. Marouf has long been an outspoken defender of the Palestinian cause – and a prime target of Canada’s Zionist lobby. During their visit to the Beqaa Valley, Lascaris and Marouf talked about Zionists’ extraordinary efforts to silence Marouf.


I’ve enjoyed Laith Marouf on Garland Nixon and Activist News Network but this interview really got me to understand Laith as a person. Superb job, Dimitri.


Love this, Laith did such great work in so called canada exposing settler colonialism Globally! Great to see this


my eyes were opened once i saw the mass bombings in Gaza and the herding of the people like what was done by the nazis and also the blocking of food. After my eyes were opened to the wicked ruthlessness of this i started watching the Palestinian point of view of things and became shocked by how events really happened in the founding of the zionist state and i also became shocked when i heard the testimonies of former idf soldiers in the breaking the silence organization about what they have done and witnessed over the years. the western propaganda was so powerful my whole life that i mistakenly took the zionist regime for the Biblical Israel. My eyes have become open to how wicked the american politicians, government, fbi, and cia are. in america for years on tv they have a ton of tv shows and movies that present the cia and fbi as heroes and good guys going after bad guys. The intelligence agencies are so embedded within the american university system in my opinion, especially the university of chicago and university of north carolina. That is my theory and i believe it strongly. I also believe they are embedded in religious studies at universities and archeology digs.


A victory over Zionism is a victory for humanity.


Thank you so much for introducing me to this remarkable gentleman Laith Marouf. This old American has also used strong language against Zionists and, of course, my corrupt government. So, Laith and I would get along great with each other. Again, thank you so much for this.


Thoroughly enjoyed the interview exposing the evil zion deeds and outsized influence. Laith is a strong character who is up to the challenge. Hope your audience grow exponentially, I am a huge fan


Fascinating interview. Thank you.


Big up from Montreal. What a legacy. Admiration in the extreme! COURAGE!!!


I can understand why they want to silence Leith Marouf and also Dimitri, you are both very effective, this was more than an excellent interview, more power to you both.


That circumsion joke about Cottler is really funny.


THAT was hilarious especially since I watched that congressional hearing which in itself was truly strange & maddening to listen to some of the assertions. Wow!


Great video, incidentally Lath in Arabic means lion , a befitting name!


11:16 Grand Wizard hahaha xD Yes, made me howl with laughter too!


19:47 Evil apparently needs to have their egos stroked. Really? Laith is right. They think that they can do horrible things to people but those people remain respectful? That’s crazy.


The settler canadians went after Laith but also his family.


Tariq Kenney-Shawa@tksshawa:

What else is there to say?

OG Generik@Generik420:

Yet we can’t even get F-16s into Ukrainian airspace

FFS it’s just infuriating at this point


Maher Arar@ArarMaher to George Shay below:

It goes to show how delusional Zionists have become.

George Shay@GeoShayChiCon:

Israel didn’t go rogue. The rest of the world did.


Marcello Di Cintio@DiCintio:

This is an excellent example of weaponizing the IHRA definition to silence criticism of Israel. Calgary city council was wise not to adopt the definition a few years back.

Refer also to:

Dear Rosalie Abella, This post is for you.

Slaughterhouse Zionism: 75 years of bloodshed and feeding hate. Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, Neturei Karta spokesman, talks to TRT World about Israel’s decades of sins and attacks on Palestine: “Zionism is the problem. … It was the Muslim countries that gave us a home.” UN Resolution 3379 (1975): “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.”

Morgan Bassichis, Jewish Voice for Peace: ‘Not in Our Name: On Jews Rejecting Zionism.’ A common enemy: white supremacy and empire. “Everyone deserves the chance to be a kid and everyone deserves the chance to grow old. And for that reason…we reject Zionism. … Because it has been used as the premise for over 75 years of Palestinian dispossession, exile and death. Because it tries desperately to conflate Judaism with Zionism. When Judaism is our thousands-year-old rich tradition and Israel is a 75 year old settler colonial apartheid state. … Because none of us are free until all of us are free. From every river to every sea.”

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