Why no oil and gas report

Why no oil and gas report by Don Roberts, May 9, 2012, Yukon News
It was the Department of Energy, Mines & Resources, which encouraged Yukoners to submit their concerns in writing so it could use the information to write a report to the minister to advise him on how Yukoners felt about oil and gas drilling in the Whitehorse Trough. Many Yukoners wrote extensive critiques and suggestions for the minister, and the department promised that a report would be generated from these submissions. Before the report was started, the Yukon Party government placed a four-year moratorium on the 12 postings in the Whitehorse Trough and stated that it had listened to Yukoners. It is my understanding the oil and gas department is not going to write a report for the minister. My question is, why not write the report? This topic of oil and gas drilling in the Whitehorse Trough will be back again in four to five years time. … Many of these chemicals have proven to be cancerous and would remain in the ground after use and eventually would come to the surface, poisoning our land and water supply. Time after time, Energy Minister Brad Cathers stated there would be no shallow fracking in the Yukon, but that was only his word and was not written in legislation. He did not state that deep fracking would not be allowed. It is my opinion that all fracking should be banned in the Yukon. When will the Yukon Party government start holding public consultations on needed changes to the oil and gas legislation and regulations? If the Yukon Party MLAs are serious about transparency and democracy, what better way of engaging and encouraging Yukoners to get involved in the process for future generations?

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