Why are Spectra Energy and the NEB lying about flaring deadly sour gas at Taylor, BC, claiming it poses no risk to the public?

Spectra Energy and NEB say there’s ‘no reason for concern’ in McMahon gas plant flares September 30, 2015, Energetic City

The National Energy Board and Spectra Energy have both released more information about the flares that went off at the McMahon gas plant in Taylor, saying they do not pose any risk to the public.

Jesse Semko with Spectra Energy told Energetic City that the plant experienced an ‘electrical outrage’ due to a underground power line malfunction.

Workers at the plant immediately activated the shutdown procedures and notified local authorities.

Semko says flaring was necessary to depressurize the facility, and that flaring is what was captured by photos and video.

To restart the gas plant, Semko says it might undertake additional flaring throughout today, and he stresses that residents should not be concerned.

“We always err on the side of caution, safety is a big thing for us.” He said.

Darin Barter with the National Energy Board said the incident is being investigated, but no residents should feel endangered by this.

“It’s a measure to be taken by a company to insure they aren’t impacted by excess gas. So they flare off, what it does is protect everyone,” he said. “There’s no public safety or environmental risk … it’s just not there.”

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Odor threshold (when rotten egg smell is first noticeable to some). …


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