Why are frac’d Albertans so easily bribed by law violators and polluters? Why don’t groups in Fox Creek say “No thank you Chevron, We’d Rather Skate in Hell Than Take Your Money”

Chevron Canada’s $30K donation enhances Medical Staff Training
by Brandi, April 4, 2016, Fox in Focus

Chevron Canada donates $30, 000 to the Friends of Fox Creek Hospital Society. L- R: back row: Sheila Petch, Jennifer Wierzbicki, Donna Rector, Lynda Ekdahl, Evelyn Rogers, Lynda Mercer, Danielle Tetrault, Tracy Brown, Gord Mounce, front row: Victoria Schilperoort, Claudia Milanovic, Quina Hoffman. Photo by Brandi Camilleri.

Several volunteer members of the Friends of Fox Creek Hospital Society (FoFCHS), nurses and medical staff from the Fox Creek Healthcare Centre, met with representatives Jennifer Wierzbicki and Gord Mounce, from Chevron Canada on March 22 to accept an outstanding $30, 000 donation. [Cancer for Sale? How many were poisoned by Chevron to rake in that 30,000?]

“The support we receive is amazing, we are so grateful for the donation,” said President of the FoFCHS, Lynda Ekdahl. “Thank you to Chevron!”

$24,000 was allocated for education at the hospital, offering four training courses to staff: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (NCIT), Advanced Life Support (ALS), Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) and Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC).

A new SPO2 Sensor – Adultpediatric Oxygen Monitoring Sensor was purchased with the additional $6000 donation. The sensor is an item designed for use in determining the level of oxygen in the blood.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training

With a focus on prevention, NCIT training program equips staff with proven strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage.

NCIT training offers:

Reduces the risk of injury
Complies with legislative mandates
Meets regulatory/accreditation standards
Improves staff retention
Minimizes exposure to liability
Promotes Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security
Advanced Life Support

ALS courses offer training to diagnose and administer care to adult patients in cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Trauma Nursing Core Course

TNCC is widely recognized as the premier course for hospitals and trauma centers worldwide, empowering nurses with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and hands on training to provide expert care for trauma patients.

TNCC offers:

Rapid identification of life-threatening injuries
Comprehensive patient assessment
Enhanced intervention for better patient outcomes
Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course

Accurate assessment of a child with an acute illness or injury requires special knowledge and skills. ENPC gives the nurses the tools to provide expert care for patients from birth to adolescence.

ENPC offers:

Pediatric ​Assessment Triangle
Early Intervention
Family Presence

Quick facts on FoFCHS

In 2015, purchases made totaled $59, 604.88.
Since FoFCHS began in 1982 purchases totaled approximately $684, 760. (includes donations from companies, groups, individuals, yearly quilt raffle and Bargain Alley monies).

Hours for volunteer members in 2015 were 566 hours.
Total volunteer hours from members from 1982 – 2015 is approximately 22, 861.

Proud History & Presence in Fox Creek

Chevron Canada Limited is conducting horizontal drilling and completions operations in the Duvernay shale formation near Fox Creek where the company has a net 70-percent interest in approximately 330,000 acres in the liquids-rich Duvernay formation.

Chevron is the operator under a Joint Operating Agreement with KUFPEC Canada Inc., which holds a net 30 percent interest. KUFPEC Canada Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company. In 2011, Chevron began a 13-well exploration program.

The wells were completed using multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and tied in to existing third party processing facilities. In the second half of 2014, Chevron commenced a program to evaluate reservoir performance, demonstrate commerciality through lowering well costs, and fulfill Alberta land tenure obligations.

Chevron is committed to safely and responsibly developing Canada’s unconventional resources while ensuring the highest level of environmental protection. This includes reducing water use, safeguarding groundwater and developing hydraulic fracturing fluids with the smallest possible environmental impact.

Chevron’s operations in the Fox Creek area include ongoing community consultations, engagement with First Nations and participation in the Fox Creek Operators Group. Chevron Canada has a proud history in the Fox Creek region.

They participated in a discovery in 1957, bought acreage in the area in 1967 and in 1972, built and operated the largest sour-gas plant in the world at the time. The company built 60 houses and an apartment complex for its workers and collaborated with the provincial government to build a bridge from Fox Creek to the plant.

Chevron left the area in 2004 as part of its divestment of mature assets in Western Canada. The Kaybob Duvernay appraisal program has given the company a welcome opportunity to return to the Fox Creek area.

Since 1938, Chevron Canada Resources has been exploring for, developing, producing and marketing crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Chevron Canada Resources has interests in oil sands projects and shale gas acreage in Alberta; exploration, development and production projects offshore Newfoundland and Labrador; a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project and shale acreage in British Columbia; and exploration and discovered resource interests in the Beaufort Sea region of the Northwest Territories.

Net daily production in 2015 from Canadian operations was 20,000 barrels of crude oil, 14 million cubic feet of natural gas and 47,000 barrels of synthetic oil from oil sands. Chevron Canada Resources employs approximately 500 people at our offices and project sites across Canada.

CCL employs over 350 people, in addition to over 2,500 indirect employees in our retail and commercial networks – making us one of the major companies operating on the west coast of Canada. Source: http://www.chevron.ca/. [Emphasis added]

Oil Patch Buys Fox Creek’s Frac’d Silence?

World Record Frac Quaker ‘n Shaker REPSOL donates $5 K to Fox Creek Fire Department

Thank you to REPSOL for the donation to the fire department.

RESPSOL Oil and Gas Canada Inc. formerly Talisman Energy Inc. supported the Fox Creek fire department with a $5000 donation. External Relations Rep. Jesse Kirillo from Edson presented the funds to Fire Chief Les Paul and Fire Lieutenant Mike Paula on March 7th. Mayor Jim Ahn was also present.

“Thank you for your support!”  said Fire Chief Les Paul. [Emphasis added]


Friends of Fox Creek Hospital Society (FoFCHS) President Lynda Ekdahl gratefully accepted a $15, 000 donation from Athabasca Oil Corporation (AOC)


On behalf of the Friends of Fox Creek Hospital Society (FoFCHS), Lynda Ekdahl (left) and Evelyn Rogers gratefully accepted a $6000 donation from Talisman Energy at the Fox Creek Hospital.


Shell Canada supports the FCFD with a $18, 800 donation over a three year term


At their second annual golf tournament, Athabasca Oil Corporation (AOC) and their vendors raised $9190. AOC matched the funds raised for a grand total of $18,380.

All proceeds were donated to the Fox Creek School Outreach Program. This is the second year that AOC has donated money to the Outreach Program.


Encana recently donated a trailer to the Fox Creek Nordic and Trail Club to help them transport items. Until the donation of the trailer, the club used multiple vehicles to transport the things needed for building and maintaining the trails.

“It has been invaluable” said Michelle Williscroft, President of the club.


Encana presents the Fox Creek Fire Department with a $18,000 donation


On August 6, the Fox Creek Employment Centre graciously accepted a $10,000 donation from Talisman Energy Inc.

http://foxinfocus.ca/2014/08/11/talisman [In 2016, Repsol, world record frac quake maker]-donates-10-k-to-nordic-and-trail-club/

Fox Creek Nordic and Trail Club gratefully accepts a $10, 000 donation from Talisman Energy Inc.


“We are amazed and encouraged by the Encana donation of $100,000.00, to which they have requested be used for the Creek Trail System.


$15,000 was donated to the Fox Creek Nordic and Trail Club by Athabasca Oil Corporation


Friends of Fox Creek Hospital Society (FoFCHS) extend their gratitude to Encana Corporation for their $25,000 donation….


An additional 5400 glow sticks were added this year, compared to 4000 last year. The event was powered by Encana, Chevron…. [Just what a frac’d, double homicide, water hauling, massive tax increases, quakin’ & shakin’ community needs – glow sticks]

… Your journey was led by the glow sticks. You would experience the fresh air….



2015 09 Fox Creek, Alberta, is this encana sour gas & condensate incident, 20,000,000,000 litres leaking per day1

2015 09 Fox Creek Alberta, is this encana sour gas & condensate incident, 20,000,000,000 litres leaking per day3

2015 09 Fox Creek, Alberta, is this encana sour gas & condensate incident, 20,000,000,000 litres leaking per day2

2015: Encana sour gas blow out at Fox Creek


On April 27th, Encana representatives donated $25,000 to the Friends of Fox Creek Hospital Society (FoFCHS).



Fox Creek Fire Department graciously accepted a $5000 donation from Apache Corporation at the FCFD’s Open House on Oct. 9th.

[Refer also to:

He fought Chevron’s Red Butte spill with all he had, and then he died

Most Salt Lake City residents probably no longer think much about the 2010 oil spill that shockingly filled Liberty Park with oil. I will never be one of them.

I just attended the funeral of a friend and wonderful school teacher who had made a lasting impression on my own children and hundreds of others. As their science and biology teacher, he was a model for his profession. Many years after they had graduated from his classroom, he still remembered my children in detail and asked how they were doing in their higher education, in their careers, and in life. I wish I could say that he died of old age. He didn’t. He died a relatively young man, still in the prime of life, of a rare disease which occurs in only about one in 5,000 people — Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

IPF is a fancy term for severe scarring of the lungs that usually shortens a person’s life, often being fatal within a few years or even months. “Idiopathic” means the cause is unknown. A long list of exposures and conditions can lead to pulmonary fibrosis, or are associated with it. The National Institute of Health and Mayo Clinic state workplace toxins, environmental pollutants, dust, and smoking increase the risk of IPF. Injury to the lungs can lead to the body’s overreacting to the injury, eventually leading to scarring. In my friend’s case, he was in excellent health, vigorously active in many outdoor activities, with no risk factors for IPF until June 12, 2010 — an event that dominated the last few years of his life.

He lived on Red Butte Creek, and his family was one of the most exposed to the vaporized toxins of the spilled oil. He told me with emotions boiling over how his teenage son was rendered temporarily comatose and blind and taken to the hospital. For weeks, and likely months, benzene and other toxic VOCs filled the air in his house and backyard at levels that were well beyond workplace OSHA standards.

Shortly after the Red Butte spill, an important study was published in one of the most highly respected medical journals, demonstrating that oil spill workers exposed for as little as four hours a day for two weeks, showed evidence of persistent adverse health impacts. Two years after participating in clean-up of the Prestige oil spill off the coast of Spain, exposed fishermen still showed increased rates of respiratory symptoms, and elevated markers of lung damage, suggesting permanent airway injury. They had more chromosomal abnormalities, the kind often examined in environmental studies as an early indicator of increased cancer risk. The authors concluded exposure to oil sediments, even for short periods, can have lasting health consequences.

My friend became perhaps the most motivated, knowledgable and energetic citizen in working to hold accountable both Chevron and those government officials who brokered an ultimate settlement. Those of us involved in the effort admired his persistence and determination that Chevron not be allowed to continue risking another spill. When the second Chevron spill occurred, his concerns were obviously validated. When we learned that city and state officials allowed Chevron to avoid paying for a health study of the people exposed to the spill, he and I shared dozens of e-mails and conversations venting our frustrations that Chevron had been let off the hook.

In January 2013, he e-mailed me his chest x-rays and the startling news that he had been diagnosed with terminal IPF. The tragic irony began to sink in, that the person who worked the hardest to get appropriate health care and follow up for Red Butte residents may have become its first casualty. Like many of the victims of various types of pollution, cause and effect in individual patients often can’t be firmly established. But the only risk factor in his history was inhalation of vaporized oil sediments, and for a longer period of time than what has been demonstrated to result in permanent lung injury in others.

I usually deal in statistics and the abstract in discussing the pollution and public health consequences of dirty energy. Now, for me and hundreds of others, those statistics have forever become engraved with the face of a beloved teacher, Peter Hayes.

Dr. Brian Moench is president of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment.

Offering tobacco and bottled water for a pipeline, Chevron gets booted from indigenous territory

No, this is not the 17th century: Chevron engineers, looking to frack billions of cubic feet of gas from indigenous Unist’ot’en territory in British Columbia, did indeed try to get past the tribe’s roadblock a few weeks ago. Trying to keep out oil and gas pipelines from deep within their unceded traditional territories, the Unist’ot’en’s concerns about the wholesale destruction of their sacred lands were met with generous offerings of bottled water and industrial tobacco….

Devolution of a Species. Alberta Venture Special Report: Towns in Alberta’s industrial heartland ran out of water last summer. Is fracking to blame? Is “No Duty of Care” legally immune AER’s one-size-fits-all, world-record quaking frac frenzy drying up Fox Creek’s drinking water supply?

LIFE, DEATH AND CHEMICALS, Hello Chevron: Welcome to your fruits and vegetables farmed atop California’s toxic tar sands, and meet Juan Delgado

Now he’s telling me about Francisco, his brother, who spent 38 years working in the oil industry. No one will ever know what caused the colon cancer. The family has never undergone gene testing to determine whether there’s a hereditary link. But Francisco, a soccer player, was always sturdy — except at the end. “He was so thin,” Delgado says. Chevron, his employer, paid his medical bills, which amounted to well over $1 million. He died on July 11, 2010, a few months before the farmworkers saw the chemicals in the broccoli water.

“Abnormally dangerous and ultra hazardous activity.” Did TRC or Chevron’s fracing kill Robert David Taylor? What happened to California regulators’ vows to make steam injections safer? “Safer?” Why not make it “safe?”

TRIPLE FRAUD ON HOT ICE? Chevron’s RICO Case Spectacularly Implodes as Corrupt Ex-Judge Admits to Making It Up in Exchange for Chevron Payoff. How much fraud at the AER, Council Canadian Academies, University of Waterloo, Alberta Research Council (now Alberta Innovates), Alberta Environment?

“We can’t let little countries screw around with big companies like this.” Chevron lobbyist in Washington, D.C. quoted anonymously by Michael Isikoff in Newsweek magazine, August 4, 2008. 

“We will fight until hell freezes over — and then skate it out on the ice.”

Chevron General Counsel Charles James in a speech in 2008 to law students at the University of California, Berkeley.

Supreme Court of Canada rules Ecuador villagers can go ahead with US$9.5-billion legal case against Chevron; Welcome to Hell & fighting it out on the ice

Friday, September 4: Supreme Court of Canada to decide fate of US$9.5B pollution judgment against Chevron

AER Frac Pilot Project: Earthquakes, tax increases, water restrictions, double homicide, spills and accidents shake Alberta town’s faith in fracking; Aging sour facilities in deregulated Fox Creek a big worry for council; AER’s FracQuake Red Light stops Chevron only 16 days; Families moving out

Chevron reported 3.6 magnitude event; Shut down by AER. Is the AER’s Frac Quake Stop Light System Irrelevant? Another 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake at Fox Creek

Chevron hit with $195 million tax bill after Australian ruling

California farmers rely on Chevron’s wastewater to irrigate. Some refuse: “I would rather let my trees die” than use Chevron’s water. Compare to the Chevron Tapes that allegedly show the company covering up contamination in Ecuador

California now says 2,500 wells dumping frac waste into protected aquifers, up from 532 in February. Regulators order oil drillers including Chevron Corp. and Linn Energy LLC to halt operations at 12 injection wells (two were issued cease and desist orders) because they may taint groundwater suitable for drinking and irrigation

Supreme Court of Canada to hear Chevron v. Yaiguaje on December 11; Why did Canadian Bar Association try to help Chevron and hire Blakes Cassels & Graydon LLP (“acts for Chevron in other matters”) without member consensus?

Chevron’s Lithuania Pullout: Legislation still not lax enough for frac giant, 3 or 4 years tax-free incentive also not enough

Chevron to pay $5 million to settle wrongful death suit

Chevron appears to be taking Free Speech to court: suing cartoonist, Mark Fiore, for must watch cartoon about Chevron losing the 9.5 Billion dollar Ecuador pollution lawsuit

Romanian peasants’ revolt against hydraulic fracturing, Chevron tries to bribe with yoghurt

DEP fines Chevron $940K for fatal gas well explosion and fire

The Chevron Frac Guarantee: Our well won’t explode…or your pizza is free!

A Chevron well in the preparation stages for hydraulic fracturing exploded last Tuesday 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, Penn., causing a fire that lasted for four days….

BP, Chevron Accused Of Illegally Dumping Toxic Radioactive Drilling Waste Into Louisiana Water

Unanimous Ontario Court of Appeal decision: Ecuadoreans can seek Chevron damages in Canada and Chevron’s two Canadian subsidiaries ordered to pay $100,000 in costs

Chevron halts Romania shale work after using riot police to harm concerned citizens in Romania

Ecuador asks The Hague to quash Chevron case

Romanian farmers choose subsistence over shale gas, Chevron says its activities are safe, wants dialogue, promises water testing before and after (but likely will not disclose all chemicals or do appropriate testing

Final stage of Chevron’s litigation fighting the 19 Billion judgement in favour of harmed Ecuadorians renews focus on its stock

Romania villagers and farmers block Chevron test drilling

Constitutional protection, Judge gives way to request on Chevron frac deal in Argentina

Chevron Sues Its Own Shareholders In Ecuador Compensation Battle

Criminal investigation at Chevron refinery, Pollutants allegedly routed around monitoring devices

Chevron Face Opposition Over Eastern Europe Fracking Plans

Chevron Workers Plead To Be Evacuated Before Deadly Blast

US firms should reveal more on shale drilling-Chevron

Chevron and Exxon Shareholders Send Strong Message Today About Need to Disclose Environmental and Financial Risks of ‘Fracking’

Chevron’s Ecuador Cancer Problem: 10,000 People at Risk of Contracting Disease in Coming Decades, Says Expert, Oil Giant Faces Up to $69 Billion in Liability for Potential Cancer Deaths


Silence was bought in frac’d Rosebud too:

2010 09 01 Dont drink Pavillion's water, Encana agrees to provide alternate water

5.5 years later, peer-reviewed paper and data is published proving Encana frac’d Pavillion’s aquifers, contaminating them which Encana did at Rosebud too

2010 08 24 Encana buying Rosebud silence

2012 01 17 Cenovus, previously Encana, donates 250,000 to drumheller library

But, the Encana/Cenovus “boost” was conditional: In exchange for naming rights on the Children’s Corner, Youth Area and Community Programs Room


Academics are easily bought too: 

2016: Another Encana Frac Fraud Bribe? Why is Encana buying “best practices” now, years too late? Buy the company out of Pavillion’s frac’d & contaminated aquifers bad news – again?

2012: Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources A California Perspective

Cenovus, Syncrude and Suncor and other oil and gas companies “helping draft” curriculum for students from kindergarten to Grade 12!

Cenovus donates $1.5 million to Lakeland College

Talisman pledges $1.25 M to Mount Royal University, Alberta

EPA Fines Talisman For Fracking Violations

EnCana racks up the fines

Burning Waters: UVic Partner’s environmental record questioned

Encana donates $1.5 Million to Mount Royal University

EnCana donates $7.5 Million to the University of Alberta

Cenovus donates $3 Million to the University of Alberta

University of Calgary Prostitutes Itself To Big Oil & Gas

EnCana to donate $1 Million to the University of Calgary

Encana donates $1 million to Red Deer College

EnCana $1 Million donation to University of Calgary questioned as company awaits energy decision

Million-dollar Nexen donation to Mount Royal University to benefit future journalists, educators

Imperial Oil donates $1 Million to Mount Royal University

Cenovus donates $3 Million to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Is the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology overflowing with oil money?

ConocoPhillips Canada supports University of Lethbridge and places students

Trican Donates $5 million for cancer research at the University of Calgary

Trican donates $5 Million to Fight Chidhood Cancer and for research at the University of Calgary

Enbridge donates 1.2 million to the University of Calgary, research chair first of its kind dedicated to holistic cancer care

EnCana donates $50,000 to Northern Medical Program Trust

Enbridge Donates $500,000 to the Alberta School of Business

June 2013 Cenovus 3 million endowment to University of Alberta to assess energy and environmental options for industry and government “How much water is required to produce a unit of energy?”

What Fresh Hell is this?

Expert Panel Chair Appointed for Council Assessment on Shale Gas ]

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