What Lies Beneath: CCTV America Investigation into Hydraulic Fracturing Interviews Alberta landowners, including former oil engineer, fracing fumes damaging health

What Lies Beneath: An Investigation into Hydraulic Fracturing: Alberta landowners fracking fumes damages to health 4:56 Min. by Jessica Stone, October 11, 2013, CCTV America

CCTV Insight presents What Lies Beneath (21 clips), a week long series where we investigate the Natural Gas revolution in the United States spearheaded by a highly controversial technology known as “Hydraulic Fracturing.”

2013 10 11 CCTV What lies beneath Dr. Gary Tressider landowner Cochrane Alberta 5

Dr. Gary Tressider, landowner Cochrane Alberta (center)

2013 10 11 CCTV What lies beneath Frac Health Impacts Nielle Hawkwood Cochrane Alberta 2

Nielle Hawkwood, Alberta rancher: “I started losing hair. This is a wig that I wear, where ever I go.”

2013 10 11 CCTV What lies beneath Frac Health Impacts Howard Hawkwood Rancher lost 10 percent of herd last year Cochrane Alberta 3.jpg

Howard Hawkwood, Alberta rancher, lost 10% of his cows last year: “The autopsy report came out from these cows. Their electrolytes are all out of balance. The veterinarians didn’t know how to treat it or how to deal with it.”

2013 10 11 CCTV What lies beneath Frac Health Impacts Dan Thomas Oil and Gas Industry Engineer w global experience Cochrane Alberta 4

Dan Thomas, oil industry engineer with 30 years global experience, landowner at Cochrane Alberta: “I’m just deeply ashamed with how the Alberta industry actually operates in this case.”

David Brown, American Toxicologist: “It’s probably not a good idea to go around drinking these things that nobody’s looked for.”

2013 10 11 CCTV What lies beneath Frac Alberta Health Services says available data has not identified elevated exposures 5

Alberta Health Services: “…the existing available data for this area has not identified elevated exposures.”

CCTV: The study did not attempt to link the symptoms to the chemicals the energy companies use in the process.

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2013 03 30 Lisa McKenzie health impacts from fracing

2013 09 Dr. Larysa Dyrszka presentation in Ukraine NY medical community recommendations

Slide above by Larysa Dyrszka MD, September 2013

Alberta Health Services shunts Albertan questioning health impacts caused by hydraulic fracturing

Above 2012 Email from Alberta Health Services to Jessica Ernst, in response to her questions and concerns about peer-reviewed studies in the US indicating significant negative health impacts from oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

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